the diet for kidney patients

hi dear friend
if you have kidney disease ,you should pay attention to your diet .Low salt ,low fat ,low protein with high quality . low potassium .

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So what do I eat then?? :) I also have gout in my right foot.

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1.Low salt : that means you can't eat too much salty food .one day less than 3g salt

2.Low fat : means you can't eat fat meat ,lean meat is ok ,and don't eat too much meat ,since you have gout .it will make your uric acid high . and low purine food .you can search on the internet which kind of food contains low purine .

3.Low protein with high quality : you can eat egg but just the white part ,no yolk .yolk contains high cholesterol .milk without fat .chicken and fish is good .but the fish should from river not sea .and don't eat sea food ,it will make your gout more serious .

4. Low potassium : for the patients who has kidney disease ,they are easy to have high potassium ,if the potassium is high ,sometimes it is very dangerous for the patients ,so it's better for them to check the electrolyte regually .If the electrolyte is imblance ,the patients will feel uncomfortable . or weak or no appetite ..if some of the items in the electrolyte is a little abnormal ,you can adjust your diet to change this .but if it is serious ,maybe will use medicine to adjust them .
if the potassium is high , then no banana ,no orange , no orange juice ,no grape ,no raisin ,no strawberry ,all of this contains high potassium .You can search on the internet .

but you know just pay attention to the diet is not enough to control the disease .How is your condition now .about the kidney disease . if you have any questions about your daily life you can ask me ,hehe .Glad to help you .

Is this your photo ? Beautiful .And the dog ,similar as mine .Hehe .

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