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I seem to be having similar problems regarding acute temporary back pain with stiffness, 4 episodes requiring emergency treatment. I have suspected may relate to chronic utis & pylonephritus [ my idea] . Spina bifida occulta was found in research of these utis in the UK Royal Free Hospital 1969 in my 20's now 65 .The researchers were Professors of Urology & kidneys . Had cardiac arrest 6 /7 years ago involving oxygen not getting to the main organs . Had been pleading for assistance with poor mobility [ breathing] but because was smoker [ stress] believe not given assistance also referrals when evidence had been found of ischemic signalling 2 years prior . This was, even though had bronchopneumonia & a compromised immune system at 5 years old resulting in me not accessing surgery & appropriate treatment in UK and for the dental here and Europe due to need sedation requiring anaesthesia , frequently due to acute pain.
Yet again being sent from pillar to post with cardiologists , neurologists & urologists not wanting to research because on remits .worse still the A & E unit went to a week ago had no porters [ needed wheelchair as couldn't get scooter out of WAV van ] no Drs doing testing . Think this may possibly be autommunity & low grade sepsis of chronic utis but on further research think it could be ischemic kidney . What tests prove this?
The Muscular Dystrophy Society uk have just proved that the A&E Depts for back pain can often make matters worse & have done a template letter for Government .I have attempted to put it on care2 USA website . However this is yet another Charity operating like a consumer call centre with no discretion and does not want to know if you have multi conditions.
When is the structure of system going to be looked at so that those with multi conditions get appropriate assistance ? As for pulmonary hypertension primary care not assessing fairly as have not the specialised knowledge have been contracted to " ration ' this I was told by a former GP before cardiac. Surely this does not seem to be being directed with reason.


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