Pain is from my kidney(s)?

For over 10 years I have had a deep ache in pelvis and now I think I know why...fused ectopic kidneys...for the last five years very frequent UTI's, frequent urination, feeling my vagina is inflamed and high BUN and Creatitine scores (out of normal range) with every lab test. Just had CT of abdomen (last scan was two yrs ago, a renal scan). Meet with the ordering Nephrologist for follow up discussion end of Jan. 2012. Have a pathology. Why the pain then and everything else? Very frustrating. Also refusing from now on any imaging using contrast dye for fear it will damage kidneys. Research papers suggest higher risk of bladder cancer. Gyn told me to take estrogen again even though mom had breast cancer (I was taking .625 a day before but co-pay high for me at $40...why so high I wonder). I am so tired of the pain. I just want to know what is wrong. I know something is wrong. Seeing "my" Urologist at UCLA end of January also. Hoping for something definitive from someone. Can anyone in the community relate to any of this? Any advice? Thanks.

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