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Invisible Disabilities Association

To fight for opioid therapy, an Inspire member calls for action

Chronic-Inspire's journal




By Radha_Inspire Digital Editor, Inspire “I think it is time to organize ourselves into a lobbying group somehow.” Constance Small (acorns02459) wrote that on October 19th on Inspire as part of a conversation about what happens when it becomes difficult or impossible to get opioids to treat chronic pain. “I would be very happy to join anyone who would like to organize a campaign to ... Read More

Invisible Disabilities Association

Hello, everyone!

Radha_Inspire's journal




Hello everyone! My name is Radha and I am the digital editor at Inspire. We’d like to share some news about an editorial initiative that we hope will be of use to you. Your community is a space where you can express your thoughts, seek support, and share information with fellow members, and will, of course, continue to be. My goal is to take cues from your discussions, your questions ... Read More


Invisible Disabilities Association

How do you make medical decisions?

Brian's journal




Dear members, As patients and caregivers, we have more sources of medical information available to us than ever before to help us make the best decisions possible for our health. Advice from our doctors is sometimes not the same as the information we learn from the experiences of our peers, and there are often other sources of information available as well. Some of our decisions feel ... Read More

Invisible Disabilities Association

The Year of Taking Charge

wakela's journal




I have been sick for most of my life. As a child, I was always at the doctor with ear & throat infections. However, my doctor didn't believe in tonsillectomies. So I would instead be put on antibiotics and pain killers. As a teen, I started throwing up on a regular basis. I had trouble keeping food down and I kept loosing more and more weight. When I was 16, I was finally diagnosed ... Read More

Invisible Disabilities Association

Upcoming surgery

Kini1216's journal




This Tuesday I will be having a major surgery. I apologize if you all have heard this already. In Sept of 2015 I got my ileo conduit placedI almost died on the table due to blood loss, so they did a rush job to save me. So now they are going in to fix everything. They have reserved the OR for all day. I will be having exploratory laparotomy, revision or new ileo conduit, probable.bowel ... Read More

Invisible Disabilities Association

Inspire's New Search Engine

ErikInspire's journal




I’m very happy to share with you Inspire’s new search engine. We believe the recent improvements that we have made will make it much easier for you to find what you are looking for. The search box at the top of the page (the magnifying glass if you are on mobile) will allow you to search across All Communities by default, or narrow it down to a single community that you belong to ... Read More


Invisible Disabilities Association

PLEASE disability help for EDS

mywackybody's journal




Hello all! I have been out of work for over 2 1/2 years. I have a lot of issues, mostly EDS hypermobility that is not just my joints, I have loose vessels so my blood pools in my lower body, I get exhausted easily, autonomic dysfunction, debilitating POTS, complex migraines that I wake up with and make me feel like I am dying, cmc arthritis (4 surgeries), arthritis hip, hands, knees ... Read More

Invisible Disabilities Association

Practicing for Purgatory

BijouxBloat's journal




This has been an "Oh Not So Fun" experiment. With all the brouhaha and noise surrounding opiates, and all the suits and idiots in government trying to take away pain medication for people in pain, I figured I might want to see just how bad it would get for me personally if I cut my medication in half. So, I have been doing that for the past week. It has not been pleasant. In fact ... Read More

Invisible Disabilities Association

Excellent essay about living with invisible diseases and disability

In: Encouraging & Heartwarming




I am sharing this. Take care everyone. We are all trying to live while we are alive. I for one, want doctors to stop treating patients with chronic illness like we are perfectly healthy and do not need pain relievers or humane medical care or correct diagnoses and appropriate treatment. 17/05/20/heres-what-no-one-tells-you-abo ut-chronic-illness ... Read More

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