My son is 8 month 2 week. His weight is 7 kgs . I am feeding in 600 Ml dairy milk per day, 2times cerelac, 1 time rice and one time Ragi . I am an employee. My in-laws are taking care of my baby upto evening. Upto Six Months his weight growth is monthly 1 kg later from 6 to 8 month only 1 kg weight was agained .
Please suggest the Healthy food to be feed for my son .

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I know that dairy milk is not recomended to give to infants until they are 12 months and up. You should give him formula, 22 calorie. Like, Semilac Neosure, or Enfamil Enfacare. That should be his main food. You can also give him solids and rice cereal, but don't substitude formula with milk! (unless it's breastmilk).

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I agree , you should be feeding your baby formula around 30 oz a day, 6-7 ounces per feeding, not regular milk. Since you are feeding him regular milk that is why he is not gaining weight. You could give him formula once he wakes up in the morning, a few hours later oatmeal,rice, or barley cereal mix it with 2 ounces of formula. I give my baby the cereal along with a yogurt for babies. Another thing that helped my baby gain weight was home made food puree(vegetables with chicken or lean steak).I would cook it and freeze it and had enough for about 3 weeks. Also give the baby 2nd stagen fruits and vegetables. I personally like Earth's best (organic) because they don't put anything not necessary for the babies.

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