Where I'm From

I'm from an old worn teddy,
A colorful blanket and no where to go.
I am from adults talking,
Children laughing and a house left alone.
I am from constant building,
A new idea,
worked on for a hot summer,
Forgotten by spring.

I'm from pickled food and Diet Pepsi,
From four Wiggles and Hee Haw.
I'm from doors creaking in early morn,
A yard of mud and toys by noon.
The smell of sauerkraut and banana nut bead baking,
A clock ticking the hours away,
Mother and daughter asleep on a couch.

I am from family treasures and mysteries,
From lack of silence and many smiles.
I am from little privacy and expectations,
from those who care and love.
I'm from creativity and wonder,
From acceptance and denial.
I'm from a faint whisper in the trees,
Telling me I'm home.

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