I need lot of support and prayer for a friend

cece is inthe method-this hospital and was told some very bad news.today i have to back up some and let you know she is a die-a-bet-ic and only has one leg to do that and a stupid nurse put her in her eletric chair and the seatstrap that they leaveunder her that they tranfer her with a houst from the bed to the chair. well they did not hide the ends of thse strat and the strap got caught under the wheel and it pulled her out of the chair and brok both bones in her good leg. wiytch is infected now and was told not some good chooses'es that she could let the infection in her leg be the cause of her death or she could stop di.al-is-sess. and let that be the coss of her death or the last one to have the leg cut off up by the kneeand proberly put on the rest-ber-rate-or for the rest of her life. I told her over and over to put it in gods hand and to trust him. that things were starting to go a bit better for her and thatshe got a good roomate finely amd they were celling avon together and things like that so maybe god still had a plan for her to have some life here she just has to trust god and have faith. that is all i could tell her and i said it over and over. I told her i would call all my family in 4 different states and get a lot of prayer going for her.and do this for her and tell her that way hopefully she well fell some comfort.

if any of my friend that have unlimited calling could call her and talk to herto just rush the time go by.I seem to be at a loss for words witch that has only happen to be a couple of times. she is in a hospital I am not fimilar with.I am at my wits ends. I told her i would try and go see her in a couple of days. I just don't know what els to do. with that I well say please everey one that knows me and the one that don't till they read this well you all say prayers for my friend cece. her full name is cecelia Hunt. and her friend witch I hope you all consider her one now call her cece.

with that I am going to close and say thank you for listen and for all your prayers.


I was just going to do let member see this but i know cece wants all the prayers she can get so i am going to mark it for even the public to read

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