How to Remove Gadolinium From Body

Gadolinium is a rare earth element used intravenously as an imaging agent to improve contrast in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Because it is highly toxic, gadolinium is coated with or bound to benign chemicals (chelated) to protect you until your body safely excretes all the gadolinium. If you have poor kidney function, gadolinium may not be properly removed and remain as a toxin in your system.
1 The best way to rid your body of gadolinium is not to receive it in the first place. If you have kidney or liver disease, discuss with your doctor and radiologist whether an imaging agent other than gadolinium can be used for your MRI. Also discuss if you are at risk for nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF), which can occur if any gadolinium remains in your system.
2 Check with your doctor about whether or not you should drink extra fluids before your MRI to assist with kidney function.
3 Arrange to undergo dialysis directly after having your MRI if imaging with gadolinium is essential and your kidney or liver function is compromised. Your doctor will help you arrange this if it is necessary. A kidney function evaluation should be done by your doctor a few days before the MRI.

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My naturopath recommends the following for removing Gadolinium from your system:
Take parsley tea, 3 cups a day for the few days following the test. Juice eat, snack on, and cook with parsley as well; to help the kidneys.
Drink Nat sulph cell salts (from health food store) solution for two days following the test - one capfull per a quart of water.

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