I've had enough of this now

Every night I struggle to get to sleep, I have headaches very often in the the time, and feel ill quite a lot when I'm tired.

I go to bed sometimes as early as 8:15pm and feel stupid like I'm some kind of kid that's been sent to bed early by her parents, I don't want to keep going to bed this early i want to stay up with my family and watch tv and have goodies and what not !

I am married and sleep with my husband and when I wake up in the morning i look at my clock and its 3:15 in the morning !! I lay in bed with a splitting head ache every morning and check the clock every so often and time goes so slowly!!

I've been to the doctors and my pharmacists, and they gave me some tablets and other solutions but none of these can help, they no longer can give me anything to help ... please help me ! I don't know what else to do :(

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I need to do something about it now.

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Have you seen a neurologist to be evaluated for migraine?

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. . . and have you had a sleep study?

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How about a lot of walking, lik wear yourself out, fresh air , good luck.
Been there ...Jerren

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once you find a cure let me know to because, i'm going thur it too.

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