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my husband has been having bad headache in the back of his left eye he said it olny occur at night and it wakes him up from his sleep and now he is having numbness in the side of his neck that start from the back of the ear on down the neck what could this be i am having a hard time getting him to go to the doctor i think something is seriously wrong

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Hi laura38, My name is William and I hope I can be of help. First, I have a couple of questions to ask you. 1) How is this condition affecting his sight? 2) How long has this been going on? And finally, when was the last time he had his eyes checked.
His condition could be any number of things, From migraines to the veins behind his eyes starting to become blocked.
Even though I realize that he doesn't like going to the doctor (I don't blame him, I don't either),I think that he REALLY needs to go immediately because if left unchecked it could develope into something serious(actually, it sounds like it may be doing so now.)

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