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Hello, this is Elisabeth, the health producer at U.S. News. According to a recent health article, "The average American now consumes a whopping 42 pounds of high-fructose corn syrup each year, according to U. S. Department of Agriculture data."

Are you concerned about your consumption of added sugars from high-fructose corn syrup products?

Do you have healthy eating tips you would like to share?

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Hi Elisabeth, 42 lbs of corn syrup per year per person, that is frightening. What's worse is the way some people are trying to avoid sugars by consuming aspartame. Many Doctors are telling patients to eat & drink that stuff even though it can cause terrible terrible problems that mimic auto-immune disease. No doubt the fact it turns into formaldehyde has something to do with that. Yikes! Thumbs down to yecky additives.

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I look at the modern American diet and all that is available to us to choose from and the choices that the average American makes, it seems that most people really don’t want to take a proactive role in there health. If you look at all the issues that are related to our health for instance increased insurances premiums for all. It seemes we could be doing so much better.
On a personal level there is a lot to be said for organically grown foods. First of all they require that you eat them quickly while they are fresh. This provides the most nutritional value. They help you to avoid many of the harmful additives that are found in processed foods.
One of my loves is gardening and I am sold on the research of making small space gardens and back yard gardens work, because of the overall health benefit.

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Hello this is Ronnie Lotts.
As my body is getting older, I try to take a proactive approach to my overall health. I work out and try to eat healthy as much as possible. What really has gotten me over the hump is a little known organic liquid supplement that I consume daily, that's filled with vitamins and minerals. The driving force in this liquid supplement is "MORENGA OLEIFERA". In many medical journals it's better known as the "miracle tree". It has made drastic changes in my body, and has raised my energy level beyond believe. If you want to find out more about this fantastic health product, I'd love to share.

Wishing all,
Health,Love, and Wealth.

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I have completely gotten off sugar, and eat in the sweet department, a sugar free chocolate. Sugar consumption in our house is nil. Once I started eating the chocolate, I did not like the taste of anything 'naturally' sweetened.

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I went to a naturopath a few years ago who warned me about sugar. I was having immune system problems and the first thing she talked to me about was sugar intake. It can lead to lots of other health problems as well.

I really read labels now and its shocking to find almost everything has sugar in it, even things we would not expect such as pasta sauce.

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Sugar is grown in the ground, I would be more afraid of using the stuff made in by a company, sugar can add pounds and rot your teeth, if your not diabetic I dont worry about using it. I am totally scare of the other stuff, my thinking is if its grown in the ground then its ok. So I try and stick with veggies and fruit. Nothing artifical goes in my mouth. I dont eat alot of meat but do eat some in moderation, I love oatmeal and keefer in the morning with my tea. This is what I follow for me.

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