i have a section on hear about depression and well i also have another problem, i never had my drivers license due to getting into an accident when i was 16 i know that was a long time ago but just the thought of sitting behind the wheel almost sends me into a panic attack. is this something i have to suck up or is there something that can be done for help?

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Hi, anxiety and panic attacks you don't have to live with. Counseling and medications can help to reduce or eliminate both. If you have a family physician you can get a referral to a therapist/counselor or psychiatrist the main difference is that psychiatrists can give prescriptions but counselors/ therapist cant.
good luck

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i will try and look into it

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hey, netminder!

There are a couple ideas that come to mind: therapists that work from a behavioral standpoint might make the treatment go faster--they often work with systematically desensitization of your fears. That is, getting you comfortable looking at the car, opening the car, sitting in the driver's seat, etc.

I also worked with a woman who worked with a hypnotist who was terrified of airplanes. That worked pretty quickly. Some therapists also use hypnotherapy.

It's great that you're considering this--it might make finding work a bit more doable!

Hope you're feeling better!

I mention this because one approach might serve you better than another.

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hey netminder. i have some what of the same problem. i do have my license and i have never been in an accident but i do not drive. it is not that i dont know how i just have this strong strong fear. last year my mom came to pick me up from school and i asked to drive. after a few minutes (even though everything was going good) i began to sweat and breathe heavily. i had to pull over and started crying. when i talk to other people about this they say that it is all in my head and it is just something i need to get over. i cant give any advice really but i can tell you i am kind of in the same boat.

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i can understand and thank you for sharing with me. i don't think it's in your head

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My DAUGHTER is also afraid of driving - have you looked for a doctor who can help you achieve success from this problem- my daughter won't go for help - but there is help out there. Call! call! call! until you get someone to listen to you!
Hug, Julie

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I have been driving for nearly 30 years and off and on I get severe panic attacks while driving. I feel like I am going to have a heartattack. IT IS THE MOST AWFUL FEELING. The only thing that helps me is taking deep breaths and praying that God take the wheel. After a few minutes the feeling deminishes and I can continue on my way.
Unless you go through this yourself some people just seem to not understand how this feels. Maybe if you practiced driving in an empty parking lot to feel more comfortable? I'm sure there are therapist who could offer suggestions.
I wish you luck! I know you can do it!

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