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I have been having some bleeding from the rectum. I do have hemmeroids but they have not been hurting or inflamed since March of this year..
There is a strong history of colon cancer in my family.
I had a colonoscopy in March 2008. Found a few pollups but were not cancerous. At least that is what the doctor told me.
My doctor says bleeding w/hemmeroids is normal but as I said, there has been no pain lately but blood when I have a bowel movement.
Can you tell me if this is normal or should I seek further treatment?

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Bleeding from hemerroids is common but should be corrected or it will never stop and can occur when you least expect it and be embarassing. Lasering is popular and quick, but old fashioned surgery, while a little more trouble, is good for about 10 years, I'm assuming that the colonoscopy did not show ulcerative colitis, which would in addition to bleeding (severe) be accompanied by diarrhea. Good luck with it. Both hemerroids and UC are present in my household.

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I know a family near me who have had the same problem. They told me that they had tried everything to get rid of this problem with no luck. I represent an all natural products company and gave them some samples of a high quality aloe supplement about three months ago. Most of the symptoms are now gone and they are feeling better everyday. I am not a doctor nor do I claim to know more than people who have studied to treat these diseases. I have started studying what natural products do to help the human body and found a company that is on top. They do genomic testing. This means that they break down plant material and test it at the DNA level to find the benefits to the human body. There are only 35 genomic labs in the world and this company owns 2 of them, they have over 135 patents or patents pending. If your are interested in learning more, feel free to contact me.

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