Ok, now this royally pisses me off...

I got my bill from my health insurance company... they've raised my premium AGAIN... but this time it's an increase of $90.00 PER MONTH! So that means if I keep it, I'm now paying over $3200 per year on a policy that doesn't cover anything I need.... it has a $5000 deductible, and then covers 80% in coinsurance, but doesn't cover check ups (which cost me another $400 every year). Since I got it, I spent this last month researching other options and only found ONE company that was actually $100 less and does cover check ups (which I've decided to buy). But if this one goes up, I won't be able to afford insurance anymore.

I just don't understand why the congress is balking so much on a single payor program when a lot of us paying the insurance companies are soon going to be without any other choice.


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the answer to your question is--money..
--insurance companies are scared to death the health care bill will pass..this will put them-basically-out of the health care scam,that has made them zillions in profits since they started offering it..
--insurance-basically--is GAMBLING ! ! ..many people don't understand that,and the only way they win,is if they never have to pay off..
-when lloyds of london started,it was a group of englishmen,hanging out in tea houses,betting on wether a ship would make it to port or not..-especially how hazardous shipping was back in the 1600's..storms,pirates,even the ship just sinking,was a line of betting..this progressed to the ship owners asking for coverage on their cargo making it to port,so if the ship sank-like when you wreck your car-,they got SOMETHING ..
--with healthcare,it's a bad gamble,because --everybody gets sick,and every generation so far-dies..
--when hospitals,medical supliers,etc ,especially drug companies make their fortunes on the misery of others pain, they are trying to make their profits from you-the reasonably healthy,unless you are one of us sick-poor,unable to work-kinda people,they louse money.. that's why your premiums are going through the roof !
--that's also why president obama has taken on this monumental task of making shure every american can get medical help when we need it..

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I agree - I have a friend who works for my old insurance company, and every year he takes a 2 week cruise... And sometimes I feel that's with my money which makes me mad about this as I can't afford to get our dental work (estimated to be $6,000) and eye care expenses (another $300 for each of us) in there either.

So it concerns me that this bill currently being discussed is going to FORCE people to purchase something that just benefits the companies.

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Donna - I feel your frustration... I have spent many years trying to research the best options. I am unemployed, as I was laid off, now un-insurable and on COBRA; I can personally relate.

Not sure who your company is, or if you have considered this, take a look at the limitations section of the plan. Unfortunately this is where the policy might have air/ground ambulance maximums, surgical, transplant limitations, etc. Some plans now have options to buy out longer premium guarantee and I just reviewed a new plan that offers deductible credit for those who spent a little but not the whole deductible.

Unfortunately, even if the bill is passed this year, we have until 2013 until it is implemented.

I'd be happy to look over the plan you are considering, I've been known to provide some useful insight =)
I am a member of National Assn. of Health Underwriters and licensed in South Dakota.

All the best,

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Thanks Nicole, I appreciate that offer. My husband and I thoroughly went through this new policy, and I think it's going to be ok as it meets the things I was specifically looking for (like coverage for check ups) at a cost I can handle for now. But if anything changes in the future, I'lll keep you in mind! Thanks again! Donna

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