June 2012

Take Pleasure in Small Things.
This was one of the mantra's of my mother. A child of poverty, grinding poverty in Scotland, so they emigrated to New Zealand. Brave hearty souls, heading out for a new and better future. Is that not what all of humanity desires? ( except the odd few who perhaps subscribe to some flights of world domination) With this in mind, as I enter this month of both of my deceased parents birthdays, I recall the invaluable lessons of my heritage.

New normal for me means to embrace the small victories so, as I live, I do take delight in small things. Celebrating the first time I could eat chocolate and taste it post chemo. (yes sugar is bad don't judge)
Sitting and watching the birds at the bird feeder in my back yard, this is truly a joy, and reminiscent of sharing times with both my parents watching the birds in our yard, now in mine. Learning to be fully present in the now, exercising my right and privelege to vote, to thank a serviceman, and a cop on his beat. For these things I am gratefu. It is no small thing l that the beast in me has been quelled. That Rat Bastard in my neck, asI named him, we shot those beams of electricity at him, shrivelling him into oblivion. For these things I am grateful, and in these things I take pleasure. So, how nice that Rat Bastard was small, and in this I take pleasure that we killed him! ha, how's that for taking pleasure in small things.

I miss you Mom.

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