So I had a mini meltdown today. Being NPO for so long finally got to me. I don't advise doing it, but if you have ever put an uncracked raw egg in a microwave. . . Yup that's about what my brain did. One dead microwave.

So my solution of choice. Cool wonderful, wet, juicy, water. I held myself to 2 gulps but boy was it terrific. Water of course poured out the hole in my neck but I feel better.

I might be able to make it a few weeks more and hopefully the hole will close. Otherwise I might have a permanent party trick, or backup in case someone ever wants to smother me. It would be cool on Halloween if I were to drink red coolaid or something.

I get a pass tommorow so my family might take me jet boating on our local river. We will see how long I can go before my neck gets sore. Should be great fun so long as we don't hit a sandbar. That wrecks a day fairly quickly.

Cheers all.

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