If you are a survivor in your 50's, please share your stories!!

If you have been diagnosed with cancer near yours 50's and are a survivor, please share your stories!!!

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I was diagnosed at 38 and am now 54. I was treated in 1996 for tongue cancer, had a hemiglosectomy in 2000 and a second surgery in 2007. The treatment over time has left me with more tranformative changes to my ability to communicate and socialize.

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I was diagnosed last year with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in my submandibular salivary gland. Clean removal of the gland, and no mets to lymph or lungs. I go, currently, every 3 months to my ENT for check ups, every 6 months to my dentist for cleanings and check ups, and get x-rays and scans regularly. Hopefully they'll eventually be every year, instead of quarterly, but we do what we must. I'm blessed to have a very slow growing cancer, and I pray regularly that it doesn't spread any time soon. It will spread, but I know this, and remember it, but never forget to live for the day. I eat, I work, I walk, I sing, and I laugh. All the things that I love to do.
Take care, and God bless you and your Mom.

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i was overdosed with radiation at the age of seven months, leukaemia by the age of 2. been fighting cancers for 56 years, all kinds, everywhere. i am now 58;

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JeanneB you are amazing, congrats on your many years of superior survivorship, you are one special lady to so many. We are all so proud of you for you fight against cancer and winning your whole life.

I was diagnosed at age 38 in Jan of 1996 with SCC, 5 golf ball sized nodes wrapped around carotid.

Treated with Chemo 24 hrs. per day for 5 days straight three times over 7 weeks. Radiation every day over same period for 38 treatments. Radical Neck dissection June 4th, 96.

Slow recovery over 20 months approx. to new normal status.

2001 told one vocal cord was idle.

2003 told vocal cord was dead

2004 broke neck in construction accident, no surgery could only let heal for 5 months in brace.

2008 told cancer is on pharynx, biopsy says no cancer but necrosis and 6 months treatment with IV antibiotics an HBO 40 treatments. During biopsy's trach give due to damaged air way from radiation and swelling. Will have for Life time.

Jan. 2009 found cancer on tongue. Had surgery to remove as this was really only option. Since surgery have had 3 biopsy's as they watch cautiously.

Almost 15 years of survivorship now. No words can begin to share the mental side of this time.

Blessed to be alive and having fun daily.

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