Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

So I have a mild case of OHSS from taking 100mg clomid X5 days. My period is due Wednesday but yesterday my abdomen was so swollen that I was having trouble breathing. Called the doctor and now I'm on bedrest :( Anyone ever had this happen but still get pregnant? My understanding is that it's very rare.

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If you have abdominal fluid and are on bed rest I would say that it is more than a mild case! I got a moderate to severe case of OHSS after my IVF cycle and was on some ridiculously expensive medication for like 10 days and some serious anti-nausea medications. My embryo transfer did not work, but honestly our embryo quality was not very good so I am not sure how great a role the OHSS played. My RE said that if my embryo's were suitable for freezing they would have done that instead of transfer since the chances of implantation were much better without OHSS. I wish I had a better outcome to encourage you with :(

I hope that you feel better soon and have a BFP if not with this cycle then one soon!

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Late onset OHSS (which means it starts more than a week or so after ovulation) can actually be a good sign. MENTS: I developed a case of OHSS very much like yours about seven days after my IVF transfer (so 10dpo) and it meant I was pregnant. When the embryo implants, the surge of estrogen in your body makes your empty follicles fill back up with fluid and causes the fluid in your abdomen. For me, the fluid was uncomfortable, but not painful so I elected not to have it drained and just took it easy (you can drink up to a liter of Gatorade a day to help ease the fluid accumulation). The fluid in my abdomen was all gone within about 2 weeks, although my ovaries stayed very enlarged through about week 10 of pregnancy.

Let us know how it goes on Wednesday!

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Yes! Exactly what otter said- same thing for me. I had my egg retrieval, had mild OHSS, had my egg transfer, started feeling better, but then about 9 days after egg retrieval, started getting worse. HCG from a BFP actually re-activates the OHSS. And if you are having trouble breathing, it is NOT mild OHSS, it is moderate or even severe (I was hospitalized with moderate OHSS, never had trouble breathing, fluid only got to my liver, not my lungs). DO NOT LET IT GO UNCHECKED. If you are pregnant, it will get worse before it gets better and OHSS is not something to mess around it. It can be dangerous (thought it was fine for the embryos should you be preggo).

FIngers crossed for you.

Keep us updated. OHSS ( esp when prolonged by pregnancy) is a long journey.

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Ah yes, it is HCG that activates it - how quickly I forget (thank goodness). I had trouble breathing when walking, but not when sitting, so I just limited my walking. If it's bad when sitting, you should definitely call the doc. They will do an u/s to check it out and then drain if necessary.

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I had a severe case of OHSS after my egg retrieval..and it was horrible! My abdomen was so swollen with fluid I literally looked like I was six months pregnant... I had to go to the hospital for IV fluids also get the fluid from my abdomen drained. I was extremely nauseated, had difficulty breathing and walking. We had to cancel the transfer due to OHSS but.... MENT...we have 13 frozen embies and will be doing an FET in Sept. END MENTS..... I don't think the severity at which I had OHSS is very common but please take very good care of yourself and talk to your doctor if your symptoms worsen. Keep an eye on your weight. If you gain more than 3-5 lbs in one day call nurse/doctor. Drink plenty of water/gatorade, rest, and keep your feet and head elevated. I have heard that if you do get pregnant it can prolong the OHSS but maybe some of the ladies confirm this...

Good luck :)

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Take good care of yourself and be in regular touch w the doctors offices.

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Exactly what others above have said....late onset is sometimes a good sign. Ments...about 5dp5dt I developed ohss. While in the hospital to ne drained they tested me and I got my bfp....end ments. If u are having trouble breathing you need to go see ur RE. Best wishes

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Thank you for all the wonderful information. Unfortunately, AF came today so no pregnancy this month. It's interesting thst you all had this happen with IVF meds and I had this with only clomid, hmmmm? Don't know if this will be bad for my future or not but we are trying again this month. This month we will take meds to plan ovulation. God Bless you all.

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Do you have PCOS? Curious

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sorry to hear about bfn. IF sucks. from what i hear, OHSS is unusual with clomid

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I do not have PCOS, and yes it is extremely rare to get OHSS on clomid. But of course it had to happen to me :( We are on 50mg this month. If it doesn't work we will go for IUI with clomid

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Sorry about the BFN. Hopefully 50 mg will do it for you next cycle. Best wishes!

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This whole stage of life feels line we are in the Jetsons! I hope it works this time!

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