Husbands SA Results...can someone decifer?

So this would be my second child my husbands first. We were told we would need a miracle. The dr sent me his SA results but didnt explain them so I am hoping someone on here can!!
Concentration: .70
Motility: 70%
Total Motile count: 1.23
Motility grade: 2
Slight Viscosity
slight bacteria
epithelial cells/debris
Normal % 1
Amorphous head 99

I dont know what to make of this...all i know is that its bad...does this basically mean we have no hope?

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I defintely think there's hope. Are they planning to do a repaet SA? My DH had 2.5 M in his first sample and I was devastated. But 9 months later, he had 37 M. He quit drinking about two months before the second SA and also took FertilAid for Men and CountBoost for about a month before, and he started working out again. I'm not sure what helped the most. I think it was the supplements because he stopped those before the 2nd SA in Feb and his counts were down for our 1st IUI in April. He had 20M then, 5M post-wash. My husband is also diabetic and has retrograde ejaculation where some of the semen goes into the bladder instead of coming out. They can test for that by doing a urinalysis after ejaculation. DH had 10M in his urine. So he would have had 47M without the retorgade ejac.

I guess my point is that the numbers can vary over time. I hope they refer you to a urologist for further testing, because there may be things they can do to help. You may have to do IVF though if there's nothing that can be done to improve his numbers. I think you need at least 5M -10M motile sperm post-wash for IUI to be worthwhile, although there some women who've had success with less.

Good luck. Don't give up hope yet.

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We just found out too that DH has low volume, low sperm count, and low testosterone. I'm 38 and in good health. No ivf coverage. Hugs.

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Dh doesn't smoke or drink...and hes been on fertileaid for a year our re said there was no point in doing another sa because he had another one last year...

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In our experience, 70% motility is good. It means you've got a lot of movers in there, which is important. We were told that motility is way more important than morphology. Your morphology count looks like they're saying that only 1% of his sperm are shaped normally. The "normal" ration varies from clinic/states, but the national rate is 12% is considered normal. That's 12% of the sampled sperm are shaped normally. Our clinic considers 8% to be normal. We're at 1% too as of three months ago, so you're not alone there.

You're not that much worse off than we were at our initial diagnosis, and we've had improvement in the last 6 months. Hang in there, and go see a urologist!

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If you are doing IVF, then you might want to talk to your RE about whether they think PICSI (rather than just ICSI) would be helpful in your case for selecting the sperm to inject into the egg.

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tipperfun - Definitely talk with your DR. I did want to mention that we've had 2 reversals and after the 2nd one we started taking the recommended supplements - and it had really help all around with his count, motility and morphology. If you're not already taking something to help you may want to look into this as well. Good luck.

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He has been taking the supplements... :(

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