Any tips for working Aetna Insurance?

Does anyone out there have Aetna Insurance, live in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and going through IUI & IVF treatments?

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Coverage will vary by employer, so I would suggest talking with your insurance directly.

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Yes, I agree with spinches. If you have insurance through your employer, the coverage will vary depending upon what your employer has decided they will cover. Your insurance will know what is covered or not.

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Thanks ladies. I have that data. was really checking to see if anyone had any suggestions on to get them to cover more. sorry should have been more specific in my original post. Best wishes to all of you.

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I have Aetna and we do have coverage. If you want them to cover more, you should go through your HR department and see what they can do for you. They select what is covered in your plan and what isn't. My husband's HR department has been really helpful when we've run into issues.

One thing I will say about Aetna if you do have coverage is to ask very specific questions. We've found that they will not always been 100% forthcoming. According to my RE's office, this is a theme with them. For example, we have to get injectables through their pharmacy after the 1st fill. We didn't know that and couldn't figure out why we kept being denied. It took three calls to Aetna before someone told us that and by then it was too late to get my drugs on time. So find out if you have to get meds through a specific pharmacy, what the prior auth procedures are, etc.

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