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Hi I am new to this site, looking for support and ideas on how to live with Fibromyalgia. I recently moved to South Dakota and am very frustrated with the lack of knowledge or help that I get from the doctors here. So I am really struggling. I was diagnosed a year ago and since then I feel like I wear a badge of shame once I use the word Fibromyalgia. I would any ideas on how to adjust and what works for others. I current don't take much in the way of meds because I seem to react poorly to 99% of them. I would love to meet others in SD that have this condition as well.

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I am not from SD but welcome to inspire. I hope you find everything you need and so much more on this site. I myself have had Fibromyalgia for 2 years. It's a very hard thing to deal with and treat because for the most part it is incurable. I myself have done lots of methods and have found some great ones that work. I switched to all organic foods and noticed a great improvement in how I felt. Also other methods include: Tiger balm.. acupuncture...whirl rock treatments....I have never taken anything orally that was prescribed for FM. I have done a lot of OTC(over the counter) methods and so much more. Having that badge of shame does not help your condition either. Keeping positive and active is important and I can tell you keeping active works...I do a lot of Yoga as well...I just say keep a smile on your face because it can always be so much worse. I had FM my entire pregnancy with my daughter and let me tell you it was very hard. I just kept positive and told myself I could get through anything. Having a good support group and people you can talk to will be very helpful. I have met some very beautiful caring individuals on this site. They love hearing from you and listening to you and they also love knowing how you are doing so keep them updated :) ! On how you want to feel better organically, or medically with this condition is really all up to what you are willing to try and experiment with. I am here to lend an ear if you need anyone!

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Hi TerryMM~This is exciting! I am from SD. Spearfish to be exact. I was diagnosed with lupus, fibro, and CFS over 20 years ago.
What brought you to SD? I was born here so that is my excuse. LOL! Just kidding, I love it here and would not want to be anywhere else. I used diet and herbs for my recovery. Welcome to the site. I just joined myself.

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Annesse I live in Spearfish too! We moved up here in November because my husband works in ND in the oil field. We moved from Utah. He was driving 16 hours to work from there and it just got to be to much for him. I love Spearfish so far, it's so beautiful and everyone is very friendly. I would love to get to know you better and maybe meet up, especially where you have deal with this for so many years....I am still so new and any tips and tricks to deal with (say sleepless nights like tonight :) ) and all the other many issues I seem to have popping up would be wonderful! Thank you for the welcome to the site and welcome yourself!

@ Alice thank you for the welcome as well, I can not imagine going through pregnancy and feeling the way I do, my family would truly be challenged then. I am really interested in learning Yoga for many reasons, but also because I have heard it helps.

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Hi Terry,

Welcome here, you are not alone. You will meet some wonderful people here.
I'm in Florida!

If you click on my name above, I have some journals that will help you find some resources.
The most important thing is to learn all you can about FM. Then you will know how to tell if the Doctors you
go to know anything and are sympathetic.

You put it so right.... for month's I "walked in shame",
I always said, it is like having Poleo in the midevil times!!

No shame... one of the ladies just said "we are the pioneers"! That was cute.
There are people on here that have been dealing with FM 50, 60+ years! True pioneers!

Wishing you relief,
God Bless You...

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