Is this progressive?

I have had fibro for 8 years. A lot of studies say that it is not progressive. But if for sure this what I have, my condition has deffinatly progressed. I started with muscle pain that slowly got worse. After a few years I started having nerve problems as well. Now I am Having more pain in the joints.

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i also have fibro and have had it for 20 yrs. while i don't feel mine is progressive, i would say that the multitude of symptoms constantly wax and wane, and just when you forget what one particular symtom feels like, it comes storming back to visit.

i read in your profile you had shingles. i also had it in oct. and it was no fun. perhaps you developed neuropathy from this that is causing you so much pain? i had some.

feel better,

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Hey Yippy,
I have had fibro since the beginning of time (at least it feels that way). Anyway, it has been many, many years. If you are beginning to have joint involvement, it could be due to age. Have you talked to your doctor and ruled out RA or Osteo? Sometimes the aches and pains of fibro can be related to arthritis, RA or Osteo. I've had both and sometimes it is hard to tell which one is hurting, the RA, Osteo or the fibro. Just a thought....

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Hey, yippee!

Sorry to hear that you're feeling worse. I'm not surprised, tho.

While all the "official" sources say that FM's not progressive, in my opinion it is. I have other pain conditions but, as you probably know, pain in different areas feels... well, different. For myself, I can tell the difference between the muscle aches and pains of an FM flareup and the toothlike pain of an OA flareup or the sharp nerve pain of sciatica.

I've had FM since about 1993, so that's about 18 years now (YUCK!). I can say that the deep muscle aches have gotten worse over the years. What started as a flu-like muscle ache in my major muscles has developed into more of a hot, burning-like pain that now involves muscles I never even knew I had.

Now, that's just my experience and opinion. There are probably as many opinions as there are FMers as each of our pain experiences is different and it's so objective.

The other thing I judge my own progression on are all the other symptoms. Some, like fatigue, I've had all along and have gotten worse. Others, like IBS, I didn't have at the beginning of my FM, but I sure do now.

I'm still of the attitude, tho, that my FM just is what it is, because I don't want my expectations to make my FM any worse (if that makes any sense).

Good luck with your responses, and may you feel as little pain as possible.


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I have a dual diagnosis of OA and fibro. Two other rheumi's diagnosed me with PSa or psoriatic arthritis. Anyway if your condition is worse in the joints you may now have an arthritis just like Kathy said. I hope not. It is painful having both and you really can't tell whether today's pain is from the arthritis or from the fibro or both. They blend together after awhile into one maze of pain. Sorry if I depress you. I hope you don't have arthritis on top of your fibro.

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I am so sorry to hear that your pain is getting worse. I have had fibro for 28yrs, probably longer but whose counting. I am of the opinion that it does get worse as time flies by. I also have OA but the pain seems to all run together. When the weather changes both act up. I have a bad time with hot and cold weather so there isn't much in between. I don't know if it just feels worse because we are getting older and our bodies are wearing out or if it truely is the fibro getting worse. Either way it is what it is and we can never give up and give in. We need to put ourselves at the top of our priority list and make sure we don't overdue. Hope you find peace, rest, and less pain one day at a time.

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