Article on Early Treatment of Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis

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Thanks for that Ingrid,

I found the segragation of relapse rates in those with tumours and those without very useful - it puts the chances of relapse at a much lower rate than indicated by my neurologist, and in previous papers that I have read (that don't seperate).

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"78 percent of the relapses occurred in patients without teratomas."

I often wondered about this form of E with such a lengthy name (to someone who has name-recall problem like myself).
Thank you for drawing attention to this formerly unfamiliar disease, Ingrid!


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i read similar stats some time ago - am i right in thinking this suggests odds of relapse are much higher for those with auto-immune form?

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A good question.
It sounded like it.

Very scary indeed. :(

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I'm not sure what the odds of relapse are for any form of encephalitus other than NMDA. But prior to reading this report I thought mine were quite high - My neurologist, and a quite recent previous study that he pointed me in the direction of put reoccurance of NMDA rates at 20 - 25 %. But like I said in a previuos post these didn't seperate those with tumours and those without - something my husband has always thought put my odds down.

The report here indicates an overall reoccurance rates (NMDA) of 13% and of these 13%, 78% did not have tumours (although how many had tumours that had not been identified). That puts me into a much better bracket (statistically) than previously told, and makes hubby right (as always!)

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The overall reoccurance rate was 13%. This means that 13 out of every 100 patients had a reoccurance and 87 patients out of 100 did not. Of the 13 patients who had a reoccurance, 12% had a tumor and 78% did not. This means that means that 3 out of the 13 patients who had a reoccurance had a tumor and 10 out of the 13 patients did not.

In other words,
87% have no reoccurance
10% have reoccurance with no tumors
3% have reoccurance with tumors

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