People Who Have No Idea

This may be a rant, but its something that has been eating at me for two weeks. Here it goes...

I am 23 years old. I have health problems that people twice my age have "normally". When I find out I have a new diagnoses, I don't want to hear "oh that's okay, So-and-So (who's 69) has that and its not a big deal". I do understand that they are trying to make me feel better. However, what they are saying is normal for a 69 yr old is very uncommon for a 23 yr old. So continuing to try and convince me only frustrates me because then I try to rationalize it in my head.

Only there is no rationalization. I am a 23 yr old stuck in a body that feels like it is 55. It sucks, its not fair, and there really isn't anything for me to do besides feel it happen.

I have a grandfather who has Chiari type 2 with a shunt. He hasn't been diagnosed with EDS, but we don't really suspect it. He has Rheumatoid arthritis and Ryder's (sp?) Syndrome. He is very crippled, been on Predisone for over 25 years. He knows my pain. He is my hero, but I can't go to see him. It kills me to think I will still be alive in my late 60s still hurting so bad and miserable not being able to move.

I just hate feeling so guilty, and so bad for myself, but its just something I can't shake. Its all I think about, and my absolute worst fear.

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