Chinese Medicine Helpful Hints

*Kwan Loong Oil (Topical Ointment for Arthritis, pulled Muscles, and painful Joints)
• Sheng Di Huang (Rehmannia root) is a famous Chinese herb that nourishes Yin energy, cools the heat, and replenishes fluid.
• Mai Dong (Ophiopogon tuber) acts to nourish stomach Yin energy to generate fluids. Mai Dong also clears the stomach heat.
• Huang Qin (Scutellaria root) is a key Chinese herb for clearing heat, draining fire, and detoxification.
• Da Huang (Rhubarb root) drains fire and removes toxins. The Chinese herb moistens intestines to relieve constipation.
• Zhi Mu (Anemarrhena rhizome) clears Heat, drains fire, generates fluids, and moistens the dryness.
• Shan Zha (Hawthorn) is a well known Chinese herb that assists digestion. Hawthorn is also known for reducing blood lipids and weight in TCM.
• Zhi Shi (Bitter orange) breaks up Qi stagnation and removes food retention and abdominal distention. Bitter orange is often used for weight loss as well.

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