Research article: Treatment of Tendon and Muscle INjuries using PRP

I know there needs to be much more research, larger sample sizes etc regarding prolo and prp, but I am always interested in reading the research, so I figure some of you may like it as well.
There aren't studies regarding many multiple areas done at once, like the friend who introduced me to it has done, like i have done ( with the si, piriformis, front and back of pelvis adductors, hamstrings etc), but more research on acute and chronic injuries such as the most common ones studied:
plantars faciitis, achilles tendonitis, golfer's or tennis elbow, ACL injury, patella injury, these would be the most common. So, as desperately as I search, I am not going to find research on a sample size of 100,000 people who had mutlitple areas treated at once, so finding a situation like what we need or do, is non-existant. This is why it is difficult too, to find possible recovery times. Just for the 10 shots for the achilles tendonitis, average recovery is about 4 weeks. So, I am giving myself 8 -12 weeks, as there are many variables.

Anyhow, enough of my babbling, here is the research article if you are interested :-)

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just be wary: EDS ligaments are not "normal" so we have no/zero/zilch data at all about PRP or prolotherapy in EDSers. the EDS "experts" do not support using it as therapy in our cases either, FYI.

... but everyone is different, and heck, if it helps you, kudos! PLEASE try to get your doc to publish even just a case study (or if he can manage to find 3 or more hypermobiles, a case series), while we all wait for a controlled blinded study to be done? it'd push EDS care miles!

niki (an MD, as well as an HEDSer)

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