Numb patches on face

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if they have ever had numb patches on their face, they come and go but never leave for very long. The worst affected area is the lower cheeks and chin area (feels like its been anaethetised, slightly tingly but definitely numb. Sometimes my nose and ears go numb but it usually in the cheek, chin, lip area.

Anyway, I have had this for over 10 years almost daily, I was wondering if it was normal for an EDSer and if anyone has any solutions to it.

Thanks everyone

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TMJ? Occipital neuralgia? Do you have pain or headaches with this tingling or numbness? Do you have tight neck muscles?

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I have a very clicky jaw that locks up almost daily, was treated for TMJ 15 or so years ago. I get 3 migraines a week and yes very tight neck and shoulders, I just can't believe it has gone on for so long. I manage to ignore it but find myself biting my inner cheeks to see if I can feel them. When this started 10 years ago, I was evaluated for MS but they said no, just cervical inflammation (whatever that means). Just another quirk of my very strange body I guess.

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