Joint pain when tired


I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this:

There are two times when i have whole-body joint pain.

1. If I've walked too far, or gone hiking or otherwise pushed my body too hard,
2. If I stay up too late and am fighting sleep.

I want to know if anyone else experiences #2. If I get tired and for whatever reason am trying to stay awake (say some friends are staying late, or I started watching a movie late, or I have an interesting book to read, or for whatever reason) I eventually have to quit and go to sleep not because I am tired, but because my entire body starts to ache. It's as though I develop late-night whole-body arthritis. My joints all hurt and I feel like I have to move them. I end up jerking my body around to get the pains to stop, but they only stop for a second.

The descriptions of the pain and discomfort and irresistible urge to move sounds a lot like Restless Legs Syndrome: From wiki ( "characterized by an irresistible urge to move one's body to stop uncomfortable or odd sensations" "RLS sensations could be pain, an aching, an itching or tickling in the muscles, like "an itch you can't scratch" or an unpleasant "tickle that won't stop", or even a "crawling" feeling. The sensations typically begin or intensify during quiet wakefulness, such as when relaxing, reading, studying, or trying to sleep. In addition, most individuals with RLS have limb jerking during sleep, which is an objective physiologic marker of the disorder and is associated with sleep disruption."

But these pains are unlike RLS in that they don't happen during quiet wakefulness and they don't happen when I am trying to sleep.

To relieve the pain, I can either get up and walk around, which helps only while I am moving, or give up and go to sleep. Sleep completely relieves the problem.

I do have limb jerking during sleep, according to my hubby and anyone else I've ever shared a bed with.

Here are the NIH criteria for RLS:

*An urge to move the limbs with or without sensations.

*Improvement with activity. Many patients find relief when moving and the relief continues while they are moving. In more severe RLS this relief of symptoms may not be complete or the symptoms may reappear when the movement ceases.

*Worsening at rest. Patients may describe being the most affected when sitting for a long period of time, such as when traveling in a car or airplane, attending a meeting, or watching a performance. An increased level of mental awareness may help reduce these symptoms.

*Worsening in the evening or night. Patients with mild or moderate RLS show a clear circadian rhythm to their symptoms, with an increase in sensory symptoms and restlessness in the evening and into the night.

So, maybe this is RLS, but maybe it's an EDS thing. It doesn't seem like RLS because it only happens when I am tired.

Does anyone else have this whole body joint pain when they are really tired?

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Yes I get like this before bed every night. Fidgety and can't sit still or get comfy in any position. At 11pm I normally do some stretches and pace around the room for a while. It's been happening for years and to be honest I quite prefer it to being in so much pain that I can't move. So I'm grateful for it in a strange way because it's almost like having "energy" which is something I never have during the day!

A couple of years ago the idea of standing up at 11pm was out of the question.

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