Hip replacement and new diagnosis as EDS

I am just home from having my left hip totally replaced. (I had my right hip totally replaced in 2010). I had told the surgeon that I think I had been misdiagnosed in 1990 as having Marfan Syndrome when it seems I have two problems: bicuspid aortic valve syndrome and EDS.
Yesterday I had a surgeon appointment to followup on my stitches which had not been removed because I had fallen on the incision (yow!) and caused swelling followed by slow healing. He did a weird (to me) test on me where he grasped my knee and moved my lower (calf) leg toward my midline and then moved my lower leg outward. It did not hurt, but I asked what that had to do with my hip replacement. He said "Nothing. I am testing for YOUR EDS." This is the first time a doctor used the official term or EDS for my hypermobility.
I guess I need to make a genetic appointment, huh?

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