Get together in B'ham, AL.

Working on setting a time as we have three (I think) new members. Brain fog in my favorite friend so I am posting here so anyone else may email me at any time to make sure you are on the list. Tentative date is August 31st.

Lexie at coosahs dot net.
God bless,

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Lexie, is this a EDS support meeting at UAB DEPT OF GENETICS? I have been to 2 support group meetings there but have not heard anything else about one.

Thanks, Avonglia

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I had not even heard they were doing them. No, this is an informal group of mostly ladies and their teens that get together for unstructured talking. This time everybody will be anxious to hear from the members that attended the National Ehlers Danlos Federation show next week, But it is just friends, not formal at all.

We would love to have you join us. I will hope it might be a comfortable place for you.


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