Exercise Induced Foot Pain

Does anyone out there suffer from bilateral foot pain on bottoms of feet that is brought on by exercise and goes away 20 or so minutes after stopping?

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yup. as I get older it takes longer and longer to stop. Some days they burn all day. I find changing my shoes often throughout the day helps somewhat, interspersed with going barefoot to keep the intrinsic muscles of my feet somewhat strong. Some days I wake up and they burn. Lying on the floor with my legs leaning up on the wall helps sometimes.

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this sounds so familiar. i also have generalized ache in my feet. my arches are very, very high and my feet are extremely flexible. richie braces have helped me some. i get about 20 minutes on my feet in one shot before lunchtime and shorter spurts throughout the day. i spend a LOT of time in a chair or at my desk just waiting for the pain to subside. this all started when i was in my forties and has gotten progressively worse.

i am 55. i am currently against a brick wall in northern virginia. all my doctors here refuse to prescribe the only thing that ever gives me relief. what a problem. my life is scheduled around my foot pain. i am just about ready to ask for a full-time wheelchair but my environment is not very accessible...

one piece of advice for you--NEVER walk barefoot! even for a trip to the toilet or first thing in the morning. my shoes and braces sit next to the bed when i am in it, next to the tub when i am in it (showers are generally not in the picture because of foot pain).

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