CSF level flucuation symptoms trying to determine what is going on.

Hey guys, gotta another ? for my fellow EDS'ers. So last night wasnt pleasant, I "think" I may have been having a CSF flow issue, sensory overload (seizure feeling) due to computer exposure (bluelight). Until I get more answers soon from tests I wont know for sure I have flow issues but some symptoms are close.

So yesterday I had a lot computer work to do for my job (powerpoint development and writing), sometimes the bluelighting on the computer causes some sensory issues for me not just my eyes but I get a "brain firing feeling" hard to explain but everything is just heightened. Im sensitive to light, sounds, and simple annoyances when my brain starts this firing. (xanax is only thing to make it stop). I had an EEG (brain hooked up to wires and the strobe light) in 2009, but honestly I think things have chged since then.
So that had went on plus working on an issue on my Mom's Ipad so more bluelight. Then I decided a few hours later last night apprx 830-11-pm to watch a few of my shows on Itunes- IM catching up on a current show that is out now (Im in Season 3 needing to catch up to Season 5).....So lots of screen watching whether, work or play. (Hindsight- probably not a good idea to watch 3 back to back shows that late).
After I finished my shows when I got up it was like I must have been in a bad position with my neck watching my Ipad because it was really hurting in the base of my skull (I have Cspine issues esp C5-C6). I felt like I was in a fog- like outside of myself tunnel vision slow mo camera feeling, I felt like I couldnt think straight, I was disorientated and slightly nauseated. Its like my eyes couldnt focus like a camera auto focus lens gone bad. I felt a pressure in my head, like the top of my skull was going numb. I was thinking, "dang Ive put myself into a seizure wtih all the bluelight time with my eyes, or I was having a stroke, or it was CSF fluid issues". I took a xanax to try to calm it down because I thought it could be an adrenaline surge from chronic fatigue syndrome since I cant get enough deep sleep due to joint pain. Sometimes I get these surges of something that changes my focus that is a sensory feel.
So with all that going on I was perplexed as to what created it. It did cross my mind to go to the hospital since I was struggling with thoughts and words, but the Xanax helped and I took a propranolol. When I woke up this morning I had a headache in the front and a back of the neck headache. Hurt worse when I cough. But the weather here is sinus provoking right now, so yet another possibility. It was better after I got up (took 4 advil too). Brain fogginess and that weirdness is mostly gone now still feel a hint of it. This morning Im like what the heck was that? Any thoughts or experiences if you have issues with computer lighting and/or almost seizing with things, or CSF flow issues. Thanks guys... Sometimes this makes me feel so out of control.... its bad when you can sit at the computer without issues.... (granted maybe it was too long)..:) Thx Tracey

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Hi, I don't know if you wear glasses or not? I wear them. 1 eye is completely near sighted. The other is just weird. When I get eye strain I get that kind of headache. Also holding a device pulls on your traps which strains your neck. Throw in the sinuses and it was probably swelling and eye strain. I freak out like that too. I get these feelings when I blink it looks like the camera shifted over just a tiny bit. In my case it is usually eye strain and swelling. I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

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Yes I do wear glasses, both eyes are near-sighted I think Im -2.00 in both so not too bad, I struggle with seeing things up close with my glasses on so I take them off to read. Sometimes I do think it is eye strain, but wow, it really hit me if that is what it was last night. It was like my brain was going numb and I was so disoriented and I couldnt gather my thoughts well..... I ask my hubby am I saying what I think I am..LOL.

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Hi Tracey,

I have not tried them, but have heard good reports....have you thought about getting a blue light filter for your computer or TV and/or wearing blue light filtering glasses? It may lessen symptoms...http://mdlifeinc.com/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=116_119&pr oducts_id=136

Gentle hugs...

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