bruises not disappearing

I bruise super easy and usually do not know where/how I get most of my bruises. Lately I have noticed that they are not completely fading away. My legs like horrible and my arms are starting to look the same way. Is anyone else seeing the same thing and is there a way to make them fade. I am already self-conscious about my legs because of scars from surgeries that have left a 12 inch scar on my left knee and 3 inches on my right. Any info we be greatly appreciated

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I have a bruise (and a dent) on my thigh that has been there for a year!

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I have bruises that have not gone away - had them for 15+ years. They fade a little but don't completely disappear. I also bruise easily and don't usually know how/where I got them. I also have had 6 knee surgeries, long scars that did not heal the way they expected (they said it would be a pencil-thin line; mine are really wide). However, they did not bother me that much- I wasn't very self conscious - I was always just happy they could fix whatever was wrong so I could move around better. Don't worry so much about appearance - true friends won't care about it.

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Oh yeah. I bruise super easily. I agree though, don't worry about your appearance. Do things that make yourself feel beautiful. If I'm feeling ugly I spend extra time on my hair. Stuff like that. Control what you can and work on letting the rest just be.

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I have this same problem. I had two bruises on my leg and knee that lasted nearly two years before they went away but the spot is still sensitive and I have a bruise between my knuckles that is over two years old and still hurts. I was told that this sometimes occurs with EDS. I also occasionally get bruises and don't even know how I got them!

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I have a couple of bruises that have been there for several years. I barely remember when I got them until someone points them out to me and I say, "Oh, that, I've had that one for a while. Lol"

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My son had/has this issue, which is one of the things I first noticed prior to getting him evaluated. Vitamin C is supposed to help with bruising issues, but double check that it doesn't counteract with any other medications and it's ok with your doctor.


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