Anne Frank

My brother posted this today on my Facebook wall:

Here is a quote from The Diary of Anne Frank that you might be interested in: "I didn't arrive home until five, since I went to gym with the rest of the class. (I'm not allowed to take part because my shoulders and hips tend to get dislocated.) As it was my birthday, I got to decide which game my classmates would play, and I chose volleyball."

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That's fascinating. I'll have to go dig up our copy and re-read it...

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Both editions I have cut that part out - I finally found that portion when I looked it up online this evening. I had seen this reference previously on another forum and couldn't find it in my copies even though I reread the whole book looking for it. So, don't be surprised if your copy cut it. You can find it here, under the June 14th entry:

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Thanks for looking into it!

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