Digestive disorder, I think

Anyone ever had this problem. Several times when I have eaten dinner, along with a glass of wine, I get palpitations, Pain in my neck and jaws, some times all the way up to my head. My blood pressure goes sky high and my pulse is very rapid. Very weird symptoms and very scary. Any suggestions.

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Perhaps you are experiencing an allergic reaction to what you're eating and drinking...maybe you have leaky gut syndrome. An Integrative Medicine doctor could help you with this!

Do you drink much alcohol?

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I drink one to two glasses of wine per night.

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I don't want to insinuate that you have a drinking problem but I've read that alcohol is very hard on the digestive tract. Do you drink it on an empty stomach or with food?

Seriously, I would look into talking with an Integrative medicine doctor. Just Google Integrative Medicine for your area and see what pops up. Sometimes it's nice to get a different perspective than mainstream medicine!

My intestines are damaged from drinking 2-3 glasses a night....we are all made differently so you may be sensitive to alcohol.

How long have you been drinking this amount?

Maybe you're allergic to wine? Or have a yeast infection (candida) or a parasite? Do you have an inbalances of bacteria in your intestines at all?

Just some things to think about!

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Oh also, I wanted to ask, have you had your vitamin D levels checked? And any of your other vitamin and minerals checked?

Violent swings in blood pressure are related also to a low level of Vit D. If you are taking any medications and such this will reduce your ability to absorb Vit D in the intestines from your foods and vitamin pills.

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You could also have a yeast or fungal infection. You can get tests to check for this!

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Migraine? ?

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Have you recently changed brands of wine you were drinking? It may be the sulfites in the wine that may be causing an allergic reaction. You may be inadvertently consuming foods that contain sulfites along with the wine.

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I don't want to scare you, but please see your doctor as soon as possible. I remember reading a story about someone who had a similar reaction after drinking alcohol and they had lymphoma. I hope this isn't your case, but I would have it checked out just in case.

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