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I'm looking for someone to be my e-mail buddy/PENPAL so we can discuss our weight loss and fitness goals and share tips and keep each other motivated!! I need to lose 20 pounds and I am always more motivated when working with a friend. my name is Jenna and I am 24 yrs old! and you can email me at Jenna-dash@hotmail.ca. do not be shy please! Im looking forward to supporting you and to have support myself.

thanks <3

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Hi - I'm not the greatest via email but if you wanted to do it on facebook and use that email I would be up for it!


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unfortunately I don't even have Facebook. I know I'm the minority of the world! lol

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I would be very interested. Email or Facebook would be great. I know having a buddy would really help me stay motivated.

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that's great! email is best for me because I don't have Facebook! my email is jenna-dash@hotmail.CA email me anytime and we can talk about our goals :)

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I'm on facebook.Anyone want to be diet buddy through facebook tolook me up at robynclark.I have a dancing pig icon

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I will look you up in a bit. Mine is under musejessi

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