Remarkable Family Symposium in April

Just wanted to let other parents know the Remarkable Families Symposium is coming up on Friday April 8th at Xavier’s Cintas Center. Their goal is to help bring parents of children with special needs together to learn about their strengths, to network with other parents and services in community as well as to give them the opportunity to learn new resources that will help them become more resilient. I heard there will be a lot of vendors, workshops and Dr. Sorter as the keynote speaker at lunch. You have to register in advance Great Resources! Hope to see you there!

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Thanks! This looks like a great opportunity to spend the day learning about community resources. Do you know what particular agencies will be there and what the workshop topics are going to be. I just looked on the website WOW $25.00 is cheap for all of this and lunch.

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Last year, I went to the one here at the hospital and it was great. This year it’s at XU and supposed to be even better. I know when I had asked about workshops there were some on financial/special needs trusts, IEPs/education/college, waivers, behavioral interventions/mental health, etc. You can pick which to go to throughout the day. And then there are a lot of agencies with tables. Last year, I found great resources on summer camps, a new home health care agency and a better DME supplier. Hope this helps!

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Okay, now I am definitely going to attend - thanks for sharing this valuable information. This is just the kind of thing i was hoping for when I joined inspire!

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This will be my 3rd year going to the Remarkable Families Symposium. I always find new information - from the speakers, exhibitors and other parents. The workshops are really helpful because they have a mix of educators, agencies and health professionals presenting. And it should be even better this year since Children's and Xavier are doing this together. It really helps when I can connect with other families facing similar challenges.

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Dr. Tom Knestric posted on Facebook that there are scholarships available so parents can attend this conference for free, if they cannot afford the $25. April 8th is just around the corner! His posts states to "Call Tom @745-3703 or email him at " the tickets may go fast in case anyone is interested!! Plus the line-up of speakers look GREAT this year!

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