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The Inspire Q&A: Inspire talks with Kathy Nieder, MD

  • By John2 · New reply February 23, 2014
  • Journal · 36 replies
  • The Inspire Q&A: Inspire talks with Kathy Nieder, MD By John Novack, Communications Director, Inspire Dear members, We at Inspire are pleased to bring you the latest in a series of interviews with people ...

My Autistic Son's future

  • By aprildink · New reply February 17, 2014
  • Journal · 5 replies
  • My son is only 14 now and I worry so much about his future. I know I won't be around forever to take care of him and that worries me the most. I worry about if he ever has to go to a home, would he be ...

Introducing Photos for Inspire

  • By Walter · New reply February 13, 2014
  • Journal · 180 replies
  • Hello everyone, Today at Inspire we’re excited to announce the launch of a new feature, and it’s one that many of you have requested -- the ability to upload photos to Inspire. You can now add photos ...

Finally, GI Approval For Placing Stomahesive Powder Into Stoma Around Tube

  • By Duvie · New reply January 8, 2014
  • Journal · 9 replies
  • Duvie's last GI follow-up appt was late in the afternoon. It was with a resident Dr who had seen Duvie during his hospital stay while his regular GI Drs were out of town. Duvie was in-house due to an ...

What should i be doing for my autistic son?

  • By Jakeysmama0808 · New reply January 8, 2014
  • Discussion in Raising a child with autism · 2 replies
  • We are still in the process of my 22 month (20 months adjusted, he was preemie) Being diagnosed with autism. He is in an early intervention program and hes seeing two doctors. Everyone is just beating ...

Can't tie shoes but genius in Math

  • By mommaof3insc · New reply January 2, 2014
  • Discussion in Support · 1 reply
  • My son has been diagnosed with ADD. He has always had a reading problem but genius like in Math and numbers. He is in fifth grade and can't tie his shoes and we have done OT and last year he could do ...

Executive Director Search

  • By Roadwalker · Posted December 28, 2013
  • Discussion in Support · 0 replies
  • My daughter lives at a transitional program for students with learning disabilities called “Moving Forwards Toward Independence” in Napa (see The program, which I think ...

We are safe in Our Father's Arms

  • By lorenelady · Posted December 5, 2013
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  • There was a man who took his baby for a walk in the woods on a beautiful sunny day. After a while it started to thunder and storm as the man hurried to get back to the safety of his home. He covered the ...

New Here but Not New to Autism

  • By melissak62 · New reply December 5, 2013
  • Discussion in Living with autism · 2 replies
  • Hello, I just joined this group. I am the mother of a 24 y/o son with severe autism. He is borderline mentally challenged, is non-verbal and has no toileting skills and basically I do all of his needs ...

Thank You, From Inspire

  • By Walter · New reply December 3, 2013
  • Journal · 108 replies
  • Hello everyone, As Thanksgiving approaches, all of us at Inspire would like to take a moment to thank you for being part of our community. While we wish no one had to deal with the serious health issues ...

Putting A Bug In A Dr's Ear

  • By Duvie · New reply December 3, 2013
  • Journal · 10 replies
  • I wish I could take some credit, but I can't. This is a manual swallowing device seeking FDA approval for patients with Dysphasia. Before joining any of Inspire's great sites, I got in touch with Dr Peter ...

Learing Inability--Shoe Tying

  • By IAmJames · New reply December 2, 2013
  • Discussion in Asperger's syndrome · 7 replies
  • My son is nine and doesn't know how to tie his shoes. I've tried many techniques in order to teach him, but he doesn't seem to be responding to them. What should I do? Is this something anyone else is ...

Help! My Daughter doesn't Understand My Asperger Son

  • By IAmJames · New reply December 2, 2013
  • Discussion in Asperger's syndrome · 6 replies
  • My son likes things a certain way, He has meltdowns, He bites himself on his palms and his feet. My older daughter says he does it for attention, that we baby him to much. I have tried to tell explain ...

Everyone Has Valuable Experiences To Share

  • By Duvie · New reply December 2, 2013
  • Journal · 59 replies
  • Let me start by saying that what makes Inspire Supports Communities or Groups so valuable to all it's members, is members responding to other member's posts. Without members taking the time away from ...

I'm Thankful for My Inspire Friends

  • By Duvie · New reply December 1, 2013
  • Journal · 18 replies
  • Although Thanksgiving is an American holiday, I'd like to include all my Inspire friends around the world when I say, Thanks You for sharing your experiences with me and for showing your support, encouragement ...

He finally showed interest in something

  • By rpatry85 · New reply November 30, 2013
  • Discussion in Raising a child with autism · 5 replies
  • Hi I am Renee, mother of 2 incredible kids. 12 Years ago I moved our family 1500 miles away from everything and everyone we knew to start a life for ourselves. But My daughter(now 14 - born with NF1 ...

Happy Thanksgiving

  • By Duvie · New reply November 28, 2013
  • Journal · 17 replies
  • Wishing everyone a VERY special Thanksgiving this year as it is my first after finding Oley, which my first within the Inspire Network of support communities and groups. Without Inspire and all the marvelous ...

Gluten Free diet

  • By IAmJames · New reply November 24, 2013
  • Discussion in Diet and nutrition · 1 reply
  • My Lil James has been put on a Gluten free Casein Diet for his High Function Autism. It does work I know it is a bit expensive but their is a cookbook called Gluten Free on A Shoestring it has alot of ...

Thanks to our Military

  • By Duvie · New reply November 17, 2013
  • Journal · 25 replies
  • Just like to say " Thank You, To Our Military For Your Services." No one knows what their loved ones went through with their own sacrifices, unless you have been in their shoes or lonely beds. I know ...

Aspergers and GAD

  • By olli · New reply October 27, 2013
  • Discussion in Asperger's syndrome · 24 replies
  • I'm a 62 year old women and 5 years ago I was finally diognosed with Aspergers after a life time of misdiognoses, it was a relief to finally find out who I was, recently I had been suffering terrible ...

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