I have had terrible chest pains for over 6 years now. I had thought it was related to my heart murmur, mitral valve prolapse, and irregular tachycardia. My doctor just kept prescribing me different heart meds, and when those no longer worked I would be switched to something stronger. I was tired of not being sent to the cardiologist, who I haven't seen in this whole 6 years, so I went to the nearest ER to get my heart checked out. Luckily my heart is in perfect shape, even with all the craziness going on in it, but come to find out I also have costochondritis. It is excruciatingly painful. It comes on without warning, and makes it hard to breath. I was given prescription strength Aleve, which seems to help only a little. I ended up quitting my job, because I could no longer take the added stress. My symptoms just keep getting worse. I also have autonomic neuropathology, I am dizzy all the time even if I am just driving to the store I can get a dizzy spell. I am depressed because I have insomnia as well, and can't get a full nights rest from all my craziness. The less sleep I get the worse my symptoms become. It's a never ending vicious cycle. I am trying to find ways to cope with my health conditions. I would like to find other people who have similar problems to talk to. No one I know has to deal with this much stuff, they don't understand the kind of constant pain I am in. I basically would just like to be able to talk to anyone, that understands.

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