Trying Hard Not To Be Frustrated:

I had unexpected Heart Surgery in January 2007 after months of telling my doctors that something was wrong. They kept telling me it was stress, but I knew stress and what I had begun feeling was not stress. I used to be able to walk 3 miles every day and over an 8 month period it had decreased to not be able to walk the 3 blocks from the parking lot to the hospital where I worked. After much persistence I finally got a doctor to send me for test, on Jan 3rd 2007 I had chest X-rays, breathing pulmonary test and an Echo cardiogram done. I saw my doctor on Jan 7th 2007 and was told I was being sent to a cardiologist asap so on Jan 9th I met cardiologist Vernon Francis he stated that after reviewing my test he wanted to schedule me asap to have a left and right heart catherization done, so I was scheduled Jan 16th 2007. When I awoke I was told I was being admitted to have heart surgery to either repair or replace my mitral valve. The mitral valve had to be replaced because it was so damaged and after a few days i was released to go home. 6 months after surgery I was told that my EFR was lower than before surgery having gone from 45% down to 30% which qualified me for medical disability although my cardiologist didn't want to sign off because I was only 35 years old. It has been 2 years and 4 months since my surgery and my heart is still weak. I recently saw Dr Craig Hoover @ Pima Heart and was told that they didn't understand why my heart strengthens a little bit and weakens a lot every 3 - 6 months. I have had my medications Lisinopril and Coreg increased and told to come back in 5 - 6 months to have another Echo done to see if the EFR has increased or decreased. I had been told that my left ventricle has continued to be weak since my surgery and they don't understand why I stay so fatigued and weak all the time. I know that I have been diagnosed with several things that can cause fatigue and weakness; Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Fibromyalgia, High Blood Pressure, Migraine Headaches, but none of these explain the weakness and damage to my heart. Dr Hoover's PA said I was a true medical mystery. I just hope they can figure it all out so that I can get my life back.

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