Life after radical cystectomy

Adjusting to the "new normal" after bladder removal and reconstruction.


Hernia repair

  • By MrsMindiJean · New reply 8:57 am
  • 4 replies
  • I currently have a hernia the size of a soccer ball, to the left of my belly button stoma (result of bladder cancer and Indiana Pouch). I will be having surgery on May 6 and would like to know what to ...

Bladder removal

  • By thsttymom · New reply 1:27 am
  • 8 replies
  • My dad is having his bladder removed next week. I can't find anyone in my area that has had this done. Has anyone been thru this? If so what good advice can you offer ...

Radical Cystectomy and Neobladder Surgery recovery with severe COPD

  • By RunnerGirl13 · New reply 12:12 am
  • 6 replies
  • Hi all, I have been reading all of your posts and it has helped a great deal. My dad was diagnosed with Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer 2 weeks ago. Our Urologist and Urologic Oncologist have both stated ...

Test results

  • By bettybygosh · New reply yesterday at 10:16 pm
  • 10 replies
  • Hi all, I had an r.c. In june of 2013 and had scan and blood work done recently.finally got an all clear. Woohoo. I was worried because this oncologist questioned why I did not have chemo after surgery.scared ...

Foley Catheter help

  • By chiprich · New reply yesterday at 4:32 pm
  • 4 replies
  • Hi, I had the RC with a neoBladder 3 weeks ago and for the most part AOK. I have an ongoing problem that the tube that enters the penis from the Foley Catheter (where urine and mucos exits the body) often ...

Seal Problems

  • By LarryG1 · New reply yesterday at 7:33 am
  • 5 replies
  • I have used the convatec two piece system since my RC, 4 years ago. About 3 months ago the seal was fragmenting when I changed it. This never occurred before, but now happens each time I change. .I am ...

Anyone experience some air in their neobladder after using external cathete

  • By IndianaJeff · Posted April 22, 2014
  • 0 replies
  • Just wondering how to get rid of this air that I am sure I caused by using external catheters and night bag ...

White substance around stoma

  • By ander12 · New reply April 22, 2014
  • 17 replies
  • Checking my 1 piece Hollister bag and we noticed a white ring around the stoma. Since we can't get into look at it could it be mucus build up? Should I take a shower without the bag and place on a new ...

travelling and in pain

  • By KPDD · New reply April 22, 2014
  • 6 replies
  • I had my rc/ic six months ago. I was feeling really good four months after the surgery and had bought tickets to SP tour. I really needed to get out of the house. Week and a half before I left for the ...

night bags

  • By ohhhcrap · New reply April 22, 2014
  • 14 replies
  • Where can you purchase tubing to extend the night drainage bag. On some of the urostomy sites I've looked the tubing seems very expensive. Just wondering how everyone else extends the night bag tubing ...

neobladder functionality

  • By rparks810 · New reply April 22, 2014
  • 12 replies
  • 62 y/o male Although I consider myself well informed about my upcoming RC with neobladder in 2 weeks, I still seem to have some gaps in understanding. As a bone and joint surgeon, I know surgical outcomes ...

penile clamp

  • By Geneura · New reply April 21, 2014
  • 9 replies
  • Has anyone tried a penile clamp? My husband is looking into them but are they safe and comfortable ...

artificial sphincter

  • By Geneura · New reply April 21, 2014
  • 17 replies
  • Has anyone out there had an artificial sphincter inserted? My husband has had an RC and is suffering from incontinence and this is one of the suggestions but it seems rather invasive ...


  • By irishpappy · New reply April 21, 2014
  • 11 replies
  • hi, was just thinking of all of you on here, ...... word's sometimes just don't flow ...... BLESSED BE EVERYONE'S DAY ...

Happy Easter

  • By irishpappy · New reply April 21, 2014
  • 6 replies
  • Happy Easter Everyone....... CHRIST HAS RISEN !!!!!!! Blessed be Everyone's Day ...... Darrin & Sherrie ...

when to move into fiber

  • By ander12 · New reply April 20, 2014
  • 8 replies
  • This morning I had an awful bowel movement. Very hard stoole and the. Watery afterwards. I did take 2 stools softners last night as I felt something was not right. Nothing has changed in my low residue ...

Step down pain med

  • By ander12 · New reply April 20, 2014
  • 9 replies
  • What is a good step down pain med from percasset? Want to scale back don't think I need "ALL THAT" as far as pain management. Andy and kathy ...

Increased acid level

  • By sairam2367 · New reply April 20, 2014
  • 8 replies
  • I am writing this after a while . It's been almost two and a half months and my husband is doing well( almost back to normal life with playing tennis ,appetite back and travel ) Except for last few days ...


  • By irishpappy · New reply April 18, 2014
  • 11 replies
  • peep's, sorry for the delay in getting back on here last week... the new's is in my peep's..... all 6 month test are done..... Im very, very happy to say... IM CANCER FREE PEOPLE, we've been doing the ...


  • By Joedan · New reply April 18, 2014
  • 6 replies
  • My husband had RC one year ago,followed by chemo regime. He had no symptoms,but was just diagnosed with UTI. Is that common after RC this far out ...

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