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kidney stone

  • By Cnetter · New reply yesterday at 12:43 pm
  • 5 replies
  • I think I might be trying to pass a kidney stone. I have an urostomy and it is bleeding quite a lot. My back and left side hurt and I am very nauseated. Any suggestions ...

Please help

  • By SASW · New reply April 18, 2014
  • 11 replies
  • I had a partial cystectomy on Wednesday and was sent home on Friday. I have a Foley catheter. Is it normal for there to be urine in the toilet after a bowel movement? I also was feeling very uncomfortable ...

Possible Bladder Cancer ...

  • By d33mak · New reply April 14, 2014
  • 14 replies
  • Hi there! I'm just wondering what kind of symptoms people have experienced prior to, or even after their diagnosis? I often read and hear about frequency or urgency to urinate, both of which I've experienced ...

After partial cystectomy

  • By SASW · Posted April 13, 2014
  • 0 replies
  • My surgery was on April 9th. I am wondering how long there will be bloody urine ...

UTI Questions

  • By JamesF · New reply April 12, 2014
  • 5 replies
  • I have my second UTI since having RC/IC a little over six weeks ago. Symptoms are a fever and feeling very weak. My doctor has prescribed antibiotics. The urine in the bag is very "dirty" with brown particles ...

New York State Free Ostomey Supplise

  • By jrryg8 · Posted April 10, 2014
  • 0 replies
  • Has anyone heard anything about New York State paying for Ostomey supplies ? I read an article in some news paper that said that NYS was going to pay for Ostomey supplies, but I can not remember were ...

stoma revision?

  • By joici · New reply April 8, 2014
  • 4 replies
  • We saw a doctor who advised my husband to have a stoma revision. This was a doctor we went to for a second opinion. His Dr. is against it. What have you heard on this ...

Bladder cancer stage III

  • By vanepati · New reply April 7, 2014
  • 8 replies
  • Hello I am so glad and very thankful of this website, in a week I'll start my BCG treatment and would like to know what can I do before to minimize the effects of the vaccine,and what are the side effects ...


  • By emzie1007 · New reply April 6, 2014
  • 10 replies
  • Hi guys, I posted on this forum a while back on microscopic blood found in my urine at a doctors visit. I also have urgency/frequency and burning. I have had a KUB which came back normal, a bladder/kidney ...

Gelique for urinary frequency

  • By nineteen2 · New reply April 2, 2014
  • 2 replies
  • Does anyone take Gelique for urine frequency. I have taken it for over a year (off and on). Dont know if it really works or not as I have good and bad days. I have cystitis and a few weeks ago went to ...

Size of tumor

  • By kingwood · New reply March 26, 2014
  • 9 replies
  • I was having blood & blood clots in my urine. Went to Emergency Room and they did a CAT scan. Said I have a tumor that is 1.6 centimeters. Now I have to see a urologist. My question is this: Is a tumor ...


  • By Marty49 · New reply March 25, 2014
  • 6 replies
  • I stopped by a group supported by the hospital and American Cancer Society that is suppose to be a cancer support group, but to my surprise then knew nothing about Bladder Cancer that it was the Sixth ...

Portable Wheelchair Suggestions

  • By booklover55 · New reply March 23, 2014
  • 2 replies
  • My mom, 89 years old, has terminal bladder cancer. She's now at the point where she needs a wheelchair (non-motorized) that is lightweight and folds easily so we can take it in and out of the trunk. Medicare ...

Bladder: Decompressed showed up on CT scan

  • By pammyjojo · New reply March 20, 2014
  • 10 replies
  • I had a CT scan last week because my doctor thought I might have a kidney stone because my lower back had been hurting for a while and there was blood in my urine about 8 weeks off and on and the stone ...

Any possibility of preserving a Bladder..?

  • By sankalp1982 · New reply March 19, 2014
  • 12 replies
  • Dear All, My Father is 60 year old and suffering from CA Bladder. He had this diagnosed in 2009, later he went though TURBT and then couple of doses of BCG. The tumour recurred in 2013 again, and then ...


  • By emzie1007 · New reply March 14, 2014
  • 19 replies
  • I wrote a while back on here about microscopic blood found in my urine a while back at a doctors visit. It played on my mind and to be safe i booked to see a urologist. He did a cystoscopy today under ...


  • By RCJM · New reply February 26, 2014
  • 2 replies
  • Has anyone hear from member KKATE haven't had any relies from my messages to her,hope she is well. RCJM ...

Stomahesive paste

  • By Guidojoe · New reply February 24, 2014
  • 5 replies
  • When using the paste to make the borders of the stoma round, after placement, how long does it last before you need to wipe it off and redo it ...

  • By geowil · New reply February 20, 2014
  • 6 replies
  • Does anyone have ideas on how to hide the bag ...

Which equipment is best?

  • By jrryg8 · New reply February 20, 2014
  • 9 replies
  • I use" Better Living Now" on Long Island NY.and they seem to have everything I need but there accounting system is not quite up to date. It could be because of Medicare and the way they manage this account ...

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