Really ??

Anyone else seen this ?

A UK doctor is saying we are only one generation away from cancer being just ;

'a stable chronic condition like diabetes that people can live with but not die of”.

I'd like to believe it but.......really ?

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Oh, I'd like to believe that too, and I don't think it's out of the question. There's so much research going on, but I wish they would concentrate on preventing it instead of just curing it.

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How right you are, Eileen!! Ditto for all diseases. Now the emphasis seems to be on developing something that will make the drug companies money. I often think that many are not serious about a real cure. Gosh, I hope I am WRONG on that.

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Hi hope they're right! I finished a book not long ago that showed the current cancer rate in humans and how it has multiplied since the industrial age. Statistics show that certain types of cancers are linked to environmental hazards, but also highly processed, overcooked foods and snack foods. I could go on and on about this, but I can guarantee you that I won’t be eating a TV Dinner any time soon. With all the money spent and the research, it’s time for a cure for all cancers, but cancer prevention is a good start. The proof is in the pudding… :)

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I read this, too. He may be making an educated guess about the timeline, but I also believe we will eventually have the knowledge to
control cancer to some degree as we do many other diseases.

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I saw that also. I think great strides are being made but our industry and diets are making us sick.

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My cousin has done cancer research for about 20 yrs and she says this is indeed going to happen. Perhaps not for all cancers but for many. I believe we already have cases like this. Our own doctor has had lymphoma for about 6 yrs now and he pops in for his chemo and just keeps on trucking. Now, sometimes it isn't as easy as that as last year he had a really bad spell but overall, he has had it treated much as a chronic disease.

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I agree, this is feasible. Development of targeted Tx, better understanding of Cancer biomarkers and subsequent personalised medicine will have a big impact. The views in this article are mirrored by many top tier oncologists. Here's another interesting piece of news from the UK:

We live in hope...

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