Prayers for Gail-anns husband!

We have a situation that needs our attention.....
Recently Gail-ann asked about having a neo changed into a ostomy bag....she will be posting the details...
From another discussion I see her husband had a neo bladder done,,,only to be punctured at surgery and now has sepsis,,,,,sound familar? Gail mentions on May 21rst he will have it changed to a bag........he has lost 45 pounds and needs our prayers,so add to him and there family our surrounding circle of prayer.....


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Gail ann,
I am sending prayers from Cleveland Ohio,,that your husband will get better soon,,,ginger

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Hope things start to turn around for you to soon be feeling better...Prayers and positive thoughts are sent from Michigan.

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Our prayers are with you from West Virginia. May the Lord guide you and keep you

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Gail Ann,

Prayers going up for you and your husband and his healing from Lake Conroe, Texas.


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Prayers cominf for you and your husband from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

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Gail Ann,
Will keep you and your husband in my prayers for comfort, and quick healing.
From Southwest Missouri....Kyle

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He is in my prayers and if you want to know about the removal of the neo bladder I had it done so I'll give you all the details on a private line (Sign as my friend). That is up to you
meanwhle God bless
be hopeful

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Gail Ann here is my email

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Prayers from Phila, Pa for your husband and hope everything turns out well. Joe

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Prayers from Toronto for your husband.

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No, it isn't familiar! In fact, I don't know what you are referring to!

From what you describe, your surgeon made a terrible mistake in punturing the bladder! Then he compounded the problem by failing to take normal septic procedures and administration of antibiotics, to preclude the development of sepsis. It's called malpractice and it is absolutely inexcusable!

I assume that he repaired the result of his malfeasence and with treatment for sepsis, there should be no further problem.

The point is that the neobladder had absolutely nothing to do with the sepsis developing! That was strictly and exclusively the act of the surgeon.

The neobladder duplicates a normal urinary system. You have limited sensation and have to apply pressure to drain the system, but other than that it is identical with the urinary system you were born with.
By contrast, the ostomy, is not a normal system!

While no system is free from problems, I elected to have a neobladder implant precisely because medical authorities demonstrated to me how the neobladder is far less likely to result in infections than the ostomy system!

I have never regretted that decision,

What you need to consider most seriously is do you want to risk the extremely high risk of still further sepsis by a surgeon messing around still again with these urinary organs. It is a risk I would never take!


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Hi Gail Ann....My prayers and thoughts are with you and your husband. Hope all goes well.

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Gail Ann -

You have my positive thoughts and good will. I understand this to be an incredibly difficult time for you and your husband -- but I'm not far from HighlandGuy in thoughts on this.

It is hard for me to believe they would have to remove the neo to replace with ostomy.... It would be my last choice to undergo yet more major surgery.... I just felt obliged to say so.

You and your husband are in my thoughts.

Best from Wilmington, Delaware


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Gail Ann,

Only you and your husband in concert with your doctors and the best information you can obtain know what is the best course of action for you. Know that you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers for good decision making and the best possible outcome.


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