Post scope cytology report

Finally got my cytology reults today from MDA "NEGATIVE". I feel blessed and very grateful. Am doing the BCG maint now, got 1 more dose to go, also I'm doing the full strength BCG for this first maint. go round(pretty rough). Next time I think I'll ask for the lowered dose. May All be as Blessed!

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That is wonderful news....

I really didn't know it came in different strengths....pretty rough huh?

Well if it kicks BC's butt then it will be worth it as long as your health doesn't suffer.

Hang in there.

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Hi Ken
Glad things are going well for you. I have had 12 BCG treatments but they have all been full strength. Take care Carol

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Great news!!!! Good to hear from you Ken.

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Great news Ken. Keep up the good work!


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Glad to see your good news, Ken. Hope bcg will be totally effective in preventing recurrence.


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Way to go, Ken! Keep up the good work.

The lower dose BCG is usually considered when the patient is having unpleasant side effects. Surely can't hurt to discuss it with your doctor!

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Yeay! A 'NEGATIVE REPORT'! It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it!

As for your rough time with the BCG, I would agree that changing to a lower dose may be a good choice. It seems, from what I have heard, that it is not really known what should be the proper dose and doses way lower than full strength seem to be working. I was kept at full strength and my bladder and urethra were damaged from side effects that were ignored.


"By lowering the dose of BCG to 1/3, 1/10/, 1/30, or 1/100th as needed to avoid increased irritative or systemic symptoms, very few patients have any difficulty with BCG immunotherapy."

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How long did it take to get your report ?
Terry really had a hard time with BCG too .
He is doing great though so I am thinking when it kicks your butt it means it is fighting cancer too :)
Terry and Pam
in Pa

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It was about 2wks. and I e-mailed my Doc's clinical staff to get it then. Don't feel bad about calling your Doc about your results. MDA is a huge place with a lot of patients and when I want to know something I bug 'em till I get it! Had my last Maint. BCG today, had a first class nurse and it went real smooth. Take Care

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This is great news and I'm wishing you all the best with a lower dose as well.

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Okay wait a minute...BCG is killing me and my Doctor is acting like I'm a hypocondriac that it shouldn't be bothering me. I am on full strength and hold it 2 hours. But these last couple of treatments I'm not sleeping and my Bladder contracts so bad that I have to Pee every 30 minutes during the night. I just wind up sleeping on and off all night and half the day. The pain in my back is horrendous! Feels like I fist on my rectum! Like my Bladder is so swole it's mashing my bladder. Do others have this? Gawd I'm not happy right now.

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Hi, What are the side effects of BCG?

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I have had 9 BCG treatments, others on here have had many more. The side effects vary from person to person with some severe and others hardly any effect at all. I know I feel pretty bad for a couple of days after a dose(spasms, burning, frequency, flu-like feelings) but I know also that my report posted on my MDA personal page for the 9/28 scope said" no evidence of tumors or suspicious lesions" and the bladder wash cytology came back NEGATIVE. The BCG is working for me and I will stay on it as long as I can. Please search this site and others for more info on BCG. Take Care

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I have had the 6 BCG treatments and then a year of every three months for three weeks. My side effects are bad too, incontinance and pain. My scope test Monday was clear and the doctor is going to wait another three motnhs for my 6 month BCG to see if my bladder will heal! It is rough!

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I had full strength BCG for the first 6 induction doses. For maintenance I was put on 1/3 dose. So far it has been keeping the BC gone and I am tolerating the treatments with only a few manageable side effects. I actually feel safer with the 1/3 dose because I think I am less likely to have bladder damage AND am more likely to be able to stay on maintenance over the long haul.

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