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My 79 year old father was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer which has spread to the muscle. He will need to have his bladder removed. I am looking for the best doctor in the Pittsburgh area or nearby to perform the surgery. I am particularly interested in physicians who work for UPMC. Your timely respones will be greatly appreciated! Thanks a million!

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If you live in Pittsburg, you may want to consider the Cleveland clinic as you are relatively close. They have an awesome program and reputation. Good luck and may God bless.

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Dr. Bruce Malcowicz at U Penna is one of the best! RC is a major surgery. Make sure to check to see if your father qualifies for "bladder-sparing" treatment instead of RC. Bladder-sparing, a combo of radiation and chemo, is appropriate for carefully selected patients.

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Thanks for your quick response. I tried to convince my dad to go to the Cleveland Clinic. He wants to stay local. Can you please let me know what type of bladder surgery you had and how your recovery went. I appreciate any information as this is all new to me.

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I am not from the Pittsburgh area, but I think a member (perhaps Pittprof or something similar to that) was treated by RC in that area. You might try to friend her and see if you can establish a communication. Best wishes,


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We live in Pittsburgh. My husband has BC and is going in for his second turbt on Friday the 8th. His Dr. is Walter O'Donnell and he is with UPMC Mercy. He treated my father-in-law , so it was just a no brainer for us to go to him. There is another great Dr. at UPMC Shadyside, (next door to the Hillman Cancer Center) his name is Ronald Hrebinko. I read a post on here from someone who goes to him. His # is 412-605-3000. Good luck to your Dad.

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If you want to come to Cleveland, not so far away,,,,
Dr. Stephen Campbell, Cleveland Clinic,,my husband had his bladder out 3 years ago, The Clinic is number 2 in the Untied States in Urology , right behind Sloan Kettering in New York,,,,
I see you have some suggestions in your area,,
if I can be of any help if you decide to get a second opinion from the Cleveland Clinic,,,I am here to do so,,
we live just 25 minutes from the clinic,,,,,,,,
its a big surgery,,,your decision is so important for a successful recovery,,,, my husband is 3 years cancer free,,after stage 3 muscle invasive,,,theres much hope with bladder cancer,,,,,,ginger

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Thanks so much. We have heard that Dr. Gingrich is also very good. I believe that he is in the same practice as Dr. Hrbienko. The key is whether they have done a couple hundred of the neo bladder surgeries. My dad seems very convinced this is the way he wants to go if he qualifies.

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Dr Campbell was my husbands sureon along with Dr. Gill for the laproscopic side of things,,,,,there are many at the Clinic well qualified,,,,
It is defineately a plus to be around home if possible,,if you find what you need in a surgeon there and are comfortable it will make it easier in the long run of things.........follow ups etc.......let us know when you get a date for surgery.........ginger

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