Learn about GMO products, and the effects on your body...

**** I found a fantastic new website on eating clean, non-GMO, healthy food, which surprisingly, you can't really get from the grocery store anymore. Learn what to avoid and how to eat healthy.

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GM/GMO/GE (Genetically Modified/Genetically Modified Organism/Genetically Engineered)

Understanding the link between diet and health is a pretty simple step to take. But understanding that all veggies or whole wheat bread or livestock are NOT created equal due to corporations' grasp on the food industry - a grasp that permeates the offices of the FDA/Health Canada - can be more complex.

I'm starting this thread to educate and share information on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO, also known as GM - Genetically Modified), primarily because the baby-boomer generation is the one getting hit by it, and their kids/grandkids absolutely need to be educated about it.

The baby-boomers parents never had to deal with this problem because the food that they ate wasn't corrupted genetically. The baby-boomers grew up with an explosion of processed foods, chemical pesticides, and chemical food additives. While the nutritional content of the food plummeted, or worse, became carcinogenic, the GMO foods have begun to mutate our bodies, making it even more difficult for our intestinal tracts to extract nutrients from already nutrient compromised food products. GMO foods are doubly bad for us. Adding chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides to the mix even further compromises our health.

SO, in an effort to keep this thread heavy on information, short on ramblings and opinions, let's try and keep the posts to point form as much as possible, unless further explanation is required/warranted. Let's do our best to keep this thread ON TOPIC.

*** http://youtu.be/fWXrRftyOMY << Fantastic April 2011 TEDTalk video on the food industry, food allergies, data on cancer and GMO's ***
http://www.anh-usa.org/genetically-engineered-food-alters-our-digestive-sys tems/

Options for you to adopt (this list of links will grow):

(And please excuse my spelling mistakes... I'm usually doing this stuff between 2 and 4am. :$ )

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http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/10/ireland-says-not-in-this-country-ba ns-gm-crops.php
- "It wouldn't be the first time Monsanto took on a nation. In April the agro-engineering giant filed suit against Germany for the country's ban on GM corn, but the courts sided with Germany, upholding the ban."
- "Ireland will ban growing of GM crops, and a voluntary GM-free label can be placed on all animal products--such as meat, poultry, eggs, fish, crustaceans, and dairy--that are raised with GM-free feed..."
- "Ireland joins Japan and Egypt as one of the few but growing number of countries that have banned the cultivation of GM crops."

http://www.reuters.com/article/2009/03/02/us-eu-gmo-bans-idUSTRE5212OL20090 302
- "For the fourth time, EU governments have rejected a Commission proposal to lift national bans on GM crops."

- "...the Hungarian government plans to make distributing GMO seeds a felony."

The following information is according to the documentary 'Deconstructing Supper', which was released in 2002 - almost a decade ago. Do you think things have gotten better or worse in the time since? Pro-GMO companies and lobbyists as still assaulting us, when most educated nations have told them resoundingly 'We do not want your crops in our food supply!'

- As of 2002, approximately 60% of the fruits and veg consumed in North America came from one valley in California that is doused with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, using primarily water shipped in over vast distances in order to water the crops. Field workers wear gas masks and protective gear in order to do their jobs, picking and planting.

- As of 2002, 60-70% of the processed foods on Canadian shelves (most likely higher in the US) contain genetically modified material. Unless it is specified as organic, we are definitely getting genetically modified material in processed foods containing soya (soy), corn, and canola oil. Soy as a filler agent in processed products, and corn starch used as thickener or High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a 'sweetener' derivative of corn - which is most likely genetically modified. (Enjoy that can of chicken soup with it's genetically modified corn starch, genetically modified potato, and genetically modified soya protein (filler)!

- As of 2002, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (like the US FDA) does NOT do it's own testing. It's data on potential new products comes from the manufacturers of the products looking to be approved. These are NOT independent studies, and these agencies operate on an 'approve it now, deal with the sick/death toll later'.

- As of 2002, Monsanto - one company - controls 94% of the ENTIRE WORLD'S genetically modified crops. They sued Percy Schmeiser, a farmer from Bruno, Saskatchewan in Canada because they found their patented, genetically modified canola growing on his property, and he didn't have permission or a contract to be allowed to grow this patented plant. Percy's neighbour was the one with the contract, and when this neighbour planted the seeds legally, some of it simply blew across to the next field - which was Percy's - on the next windy day. Percy has lost a lot of money, and worse, over 50 years of organic breeding of his own canola seed stock, now polluted with genetically modified Monsanto seed. *Percy has since won his suit, but the loss of his 50 years of organic breeding cannot be replaced because it has been polluted by Monsanto's GMO seed.* http://www.percyschmeiser.​com/

- As of 2002, Monsanto's Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) injected into cows, is found in milk and Fox News in Florida KILLED THE STORY due to pressure from Monsanto. The United States is the ONLY developed nation that sells BGH milk. *more info on this case in this video here: http://youtu.be/axU9ngbTxKw

- As of 2002, Europe, through protest and activism, managed to get genetically modified products labelled at first, and then got a commitment from the large chains of grocery stores to not carry genetically modified ingredients in their own store-branded products - yet, the government has still has hundreds of 'test sites' growing genetically modified crops, threatening livelihoods and ecosystems.

- As of 2002, Genetically modified product corporations have publically stated that within 5-10 years, they want 90-95% of foods to come from genetically modified products. *How close do you think they are to that goal, now that we are 9 years since that statement?

- As of 2002, Farmers in India were sold the myth of better crops through genetically modified seed and it's specially constructed chemical pesticides and fertilizers. They have started going back to their old ways for fears that the products are not as healthy as they had been led to believe, and their yields and diversity of crops has been significantly diminished.

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Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!

Is there anyway you could post this on facebook too?

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- Don't believe the advertising, check for yourself. Very smart people spend a lot of time developing multimillion dollar advertising campaigns in order to SELL you something. Be aware of that. (McDonald's says '100% Real Beef'... they can get away with it because the company that supplies their beef is NAMED '100% Real', it has nothing to do with the content of the patty.)

- Europe (as a whole) is pushing for an outright ban on all genetically modified crops, while North America is fighting tooth and nail just to get the stuff labeled as a GMO product here, so that we as consumers can actually make educated decisions. The reason for the resistance is lobbyists and the fact that so much of our food is processed that nearly EVERYTHING will end up being labeled. Europe is FAR further ahead in this fight that we are.

- North Americans eat more processed food than most other nations, and almost all of that processed food contains High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) which is terrible for your body, on top of being produced from genetically modified corn, as well as genetically modified soy beans. GMO soy beans are a huge problem because they make up the majority of the 'edible filler' put into processed foods. For example, if you are eating a fast food burger, you're eating hundreds of calories, plus a lot of processed sugar (derived from GMO sugar beats), on top of GMO derived HFCS, on top of GMO soy beans used as filler because it's cheaper than the 'meat' in the patty.

- GM crops are patentable... and those patent holding companies are actively trying to destroy the organic/natural seed stocks so that the only seeds that farmers can even buy to plant are patent protected (and genetically modified). THIS IS A BLATANT, SYSTEMIC PLAN TO DESTROY A NATURAL RESOURCE - NATURAL SEEDS - AND REPLACE IT WITH A PATENTED PRODUCT, thereby controlling the food supply, at an extreme cost to the personal health of the public. In every which way, this would qualify as environmental terrorism, negligent homicide, and a litany of other criminal activities & significant offences. Government incentives for US farmers, put in place by lobbyists, have made it so cheap to grow/buy corn that it has tanked the price of corn worldwide, affecting entire nations (Mexico especially...) because they have corn crops that they can't sell due to the US subsidies to US farmers. (Brazil is another major GMO corn producer.) BUT the corn that the US, Canadian, and Brazilian farmers are growing isn't edible as it is. This formerly natural food has been genetically modified to the point where it tastes horrible right off the stock. It is processed into HFCS and then dumped into processed food, which mess with body chemistry. Also, a lot of this GM corn is used as feed at feed lots... which means, that fast food burger gets even worse because now, what little beef there actually IS in that burger, has been fed GMO corn to fatten it up - meaning that the fat content of 1lb of GMO fed beef is far more than 1lb of grass fed, organic beef. That difference translates directly into the calories and fat content of every hamburger you've eaten.

- Think eating commercial farmed fish is better? Not really... fish farms have started using this cheap (because it is subsidized by the gov) feed stock to supplement the quantity of food that they feed their fish. Meaning - GMO corn and GMO soy are now fed to fish (!?), an animal that would NEVER eat this in nature. The result is a fish that can survive and gain weight based on ONE QUARTER of the food that a natural fish diet would need. If you reduced the amount of food that YOU ate to 25%, and you weighed the same as you do now, wouldn't you question what is in the food that you were eating? The GMO feed increases omega-6 fatty acids (which isn't necessarily a good thing)
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1309316/Frankensalmon-ruled- safe-eat-Fast-growing-GM-fish-approved-scientists.html
READ THIS ONE... http://thehealthyskeptic.org/more-mainstream-madness
And this one... http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/07/080708092228.htm
*** I just want to make a clarification on this one: Commercially farmed fish are most likely not the best, but locally farmed fish are quite possibly ethically and naturally raised. Contact the producers of the fist and ask them questions.

___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________

It's not all doom and gloom though! Organic and non-GMO food producers are fighting through. Social consciousness is shifting all around the world. Right now, there is probably a share-crop or urban garden society near you. Search the web for your area and 'Community Supported Agriculture' or 'CSA'. These offer you a portion of the produce for a fee. You 'buy into' a season's crop. The organic farmer does all the work, and deliver's you a brilliant basket of healthy, natural produce on a set schedule. And, by doing this, you'll be 'eating local', supporting local growers and reducing greenhouse gases because the products aren't being shipped in refrigerated trucks from the other side of the country/world!


Find out what 'healthy' is supposed to taste like. A strong immune system is the keep to reducing your risk of cancer and the myriad of other diseases plaguing or society.

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Think that diet soda is a good alternative to the 'regular' soda?

Look into aspartame is you haven't. This is JUST ONE food additive (a chemical that was being developed for something else, but accidentally found to be 'sweet' tasting) that was put before the FDA for consumption approval in the '70's. Aspartame is a known carcinogen (cancer causer) and has shown to eat brain tissue. Another sweetener, 'super-aspartame' has a chemical structure similar to cyanide.

** I was about to type it all out, but I found this link that has a pretty good timeline of how aspartame came to be in almost every diet product out there. And if you think Splenda or the substitutes are better, that means you - like most people - are trusting the people who approved aspartame for human consumption. Comforting, isn't it. :( **


Wow. Maybe I should go back to regular soda, right? WRONG!!

BUT, it gets worse. A lot (read:most) of the sugar in 'regular' soda is from High-Fructose Corn Syrup, made from GMO corn crops, because it is a government subsidized crop, it is cheaper that sugarcane and GMO sugar beats.

No soda is safe or acceptable if you want to avoid cancers and other diseases.

** I'm trying to find an article that a friend of mine wrote that compared sugarcane to a can of soda. The article cited a study done by doctors in reference to the field workers harvesting sugar cane. Half of the field workers chewed a 2 inch piece of sugarcane throughout the day, while the other half of the workers did not. At the end of the study, those who chewed the sugarcane had health issues, while those who didn't eat the sugarcane did not have health issues.

This is important because:
- consuming 2" of sugarcane (unprocessed sugar) had adverse effects on the workers
- a 78" (6.5 ft) stalk of sugarcane = 1 processed sugar cube = 4g processed sugar
- there are approx. 40g of processed sugar in one can of soda (4g x 10processed sugar cubes = 40g)
- this means that there are (78" x 10) worth of sugarcane in one can of soda. That is 780"!!!
- there is about 65' - yes, SIXTY-FIVE FEET - of sugarcane in a 12oz can of soda.

If consuming 2" has adverse effects on the human body, what do you think 780" does to your system? The ridiculous thing in all of this is that diet chemical additive 'sweeteners' are actually even WORSE for your body!

Fruit juice is not a healthy alternative. They contain the exact same amount of sugar as sodas do.

Even things branded as healthy, such as 'Vitamin Water' brand sports drink, are not healthy. Recently, the brand (made by Coca Cola) got into a legal fray because they were taken to task on their 'false advertising'... independent studies of the drink found that while it was being marketed as healthy, it was as high or higher in sugar content to a can of Coke, and the amount of vitamins mixed in were both negligible and synthetic.

* The United States is by far the largest consumer of sugar. The average American consumes 140 pounds of sugar, corn syrup and other natural sweeteners, up from 114 pounds in 1967 and 50 percent more than the French and Germans and nine times more than the Chinese. American also consume 61 pounds of high-fructose corn syrup a year.

SO, READ THE LABELS. Learn what you're putting into your body. There are healthier alternatives. Look for organic, low sugar drinks and sodas. They are out there. I've mentioned a brand called 'Santa Cruz'... I haven't heard the downside to them yet (not an endorsement, but a cautionary 'maybe some of their products are okay'.)

I don't profess to be a math whiz, so if someone sees something wrong with my math there, please let me know. :)

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"Fruit juice is not a healthy alternative. They contain the exact same amount of sugar as sodas do." - is in reference to bottled fruit drinks produced by primarily soda and confectionary companies.

That should say 'Fruit juice is not *always* a healthy alternative. *Often* they contain the same amount of sugars as sodas do.'

Given the choice between soda and fruit juice, the fruit is probably the better of the two because carbonation has been linked to osteoporosis (brittle bones & teeth). And in truth, some organic, natural fruit juices are out there. Be careful with blended fruit drinks. Always try and get 100% organic fruit juice that is NOT from concentrate, with no added ANYTHING.

Better still, just eat an organic orange or grapefruit! ;P

Next, I'll give you the information that I've found on plastics... suffice it to say, start drinking out of glass bottles. Avoid all plastics, especially BPA, PET, and PETE rated plastics (the label should be found on the bottom of your bottle inside a little triangle symbol). These plastics leach toxins and chemicals over time into the liquid they hold. Now, 'over time' could mean a week on a cold shelf, or 12 hours in a hot sun, in a hot car. You never know how much nasty is oozing into your beverage when you're drinking from plastic.
I highly recommend a documentary that dives into the bottled water business called 'TAPPED'.

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Thank you so much for your time and effort. This is SO important. I am coming from Germany where I used to be buying produce at the local farmers and "Bioladen" which only offer local organic fruit and veggies. I even visited the farm where I bought eggs and meat.

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I really have no opinion on GMO..... I couldn't help but notice that the OP offered an opinion supported by nothing, and then warned everyone to avoid opinions..... Just saying......

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There is an appalling lack of scientific understanding in this world. The history of agriculture is the history of genetic modification via selection for types, attributes as is the history of husbandry in general.

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@jc3126 - "SO, in an effort to keep this thread heavy on information, short on ramblings and opinions, let's try and keep the posts to point form as much as possible, unless further explanation is required/warranted."

I didn't say 'NO' opinions, I said 'short on' - meaning more info than opinion. If you don't have an opinion on GMO, then you aren't remotely educated or qualified enough to comment. Feel free to do some research, or even just follow the numerous links that I posted, and then come back and hack on the guy trying to offer some information to the uninformed. If you'd bothered to do some research, you'd most definitely have an opinion on GMOs.
You are right, there is definitely a lack of scientific understanding in this world, and especially in North America. Yes, agriculture and animal husbandry has been refined over centuries to attain certain attributes within the lines.

DO NOT mistake this for what I am talking about. Genes from plants being combined with fish, genes from insects being combined with plants, etc... bears little resemblance to selecting your two strongest sheep and pairing them up in the hopes of getting a strong offspring. Lineage and selective breeding is still within the same species (i.e. dogs bred with different types of dogs).

Just to add to the point about animal husbandry, humanity can't even get that right when we DON'T have access to manipulating the genetic code of the creature. Pit Bull dogs are notoriously aggressive, which has been attributed to centuries of accumulative genetic defects. German Shepard dogs have problems with their hind legs, courtesy of man's intervention and continued selective breeding.

GM/GMO splits and recombines genes out of entirely different species.

The results of animal husbandry can't be patented, whereas things like this can be:
(You'll notice from the company's website that most of the educated western world has banned the fish based on the uncertainties of genetic manipulation, except of course, the United States thanks to the FDA.)

It is foolish and arrogant to suggest that animal husbandry is remotely close to the level of meddling happening in genetically modified organisms/animals.

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Your original post was "LONG ON OPINION", which I guess you feel is educational to the rest of us. I do not share that view, and feel that it is misleading. BTW, I am qualified to comment on opinion offered as educational information.

I guess that I touched a nerve, and really don't want to fight about it, so, this will be my last post on this subject...... No hard feelings, John

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OOps, I live near the California Valley referred to "Field workers wear gas masks and protective gear in order to do their jobs, picking and planting." This statement is just not true, and is just an example of the misinformation being offered.

This is my last post.... really

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The original post isn't 'long on opinion' as you keep saying. The list of points was pulled from a 2002 documentary, and I cited the documentary at the beginning of the list. Maybe you didn't read the entire post? Maybe I wasn't clear? In fact, with the exception of the misnomer mistake('face mask' is what I meant, not 'gas mask', that was an error on my part), the rest of that entire lengthy post is not based on my 'opinions', but information pulled from cited sources.

Just because you don't see it near doesn't mean it isn't happening. It's quite likely that the (mostly migrant) labourers that you've seen either aren't aware of the dangers, or can't afford the gear. Yes it definitely touches a nerve because while I know that I'm not perfect, at least I'm trying to relay the things that I've learned. My belief is that our children won't be able to avoid getting serious illnesses in their 40's-50's due to the compromises that the food industry and government agencies have allowed. The majority of people have no idea what is in their food and how it is produced. Knowledge is power.


"While not much has been done to study the long-term effects of pesticides on farm workers the research that has been done is alarming. According to the American Journal of Industrial Medicine (2001), "California farm workers have elevated levels of leukemia and stomach, uterine and brain cancer." According to studies done in Washington State by the Fred Hutchinson Center and the University of Washington (2002; 2004) toxic pesticides are showing up in the bodies of farm workers who thin fruit (92% of those tested), as well as their children (88% of those tested). Pesticide residue is moving from field to home.

What is so disconcerting is the fact that an estimated 1.2 billion pounds of highly toxic pesticides are sprayed on our food annually in the U.S. and only four states collect data about which pesticides are used where, when and in what amounts. Farm workers are at grave risk."

In addition to the health risks, there is the topic of child labour.
From 'La Cosecha/The Harvest' http://www.shineglobal.org/index.php/hero-of-the-week/harvest/
http://youtu.be/BYEmolAeBmU << 4:05-ish mentions health issues, but the entire trailer is worth watching
http://youtu.be/NfEtO00DSvI << 2:11-ish touches on health, more footage from the same documentary

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http://youtu.be/b8_wAegrzDE An interview with Robyn O'Brien.

The tail end of this video 23:50 is a separate interview on urban gardening.

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GM/GMO/GE food labelling legislation, politics and the fight against Monsanto:


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Thank you!!!

This is incredible important!!!!

I see first hand what obesity does in the US. It causes and enormous amount of illnesses and impacts ones quality of life. I know this is a tender subject as most people feel that they are over weight due to slow metabolism..but the way most Americans eat is not very good. I worked in Sweden as a PT before I moved to the US 18 years ago and I RARELY had any patients with diabetes, I rarely saw anybody on the streets that were obese or over weight. One of the things that struck me when I started seeiing patients in the US was how many of them that had diabetes and how huge people here were. That is not genetic as most causcasians emigrated from Europe.
Freedom is wonderful but habits are ectremely difficult to change. Has one been raised with foods that are high in fat and little nutritional value it becomes very difficult to change ones cravings or habits. I am not sure I believe so much in free choice if there are very little good foods to chooce from and there is an abundance of garbage and fast food everywhere.

I personally struggle in the grocery stores here and I find it just so much easier to find good foods in Sweden (and Norway too which I visited this summer). I don't have to read all the fine prints on the labels..who's got time,at least not me with a family of four kids with various activities while I'm working full time. Food in teh US has just sooo much more sugar added. everything is sweeter, yogurt, ketchup, bread...This is not a made up story. That is true. I can say though that I am not sure I would have recognized how much sugar was added to American food had I not bought food in other countries. My ytoungest daughter has adhd and there is a strong link between certain food coloring and adhd symtoms. In Europe the have very strong laws against food coloring but here in the US it seems that the food companies adds an abundance of it in the foods. Has anybody ever tried to get a stain of coolaid for example out of a shirt??????? Impossible and I am the queen of stains! That can't possible be good for our kids to ingest that!!!!

Don't get me started on the garbage that is offered to our children at schools. Childrens frontal lobes are NOT properly developed to make good choices and they are not good at thinking very lomg term. This is why we don't let children (in particularly teenagers) decide for themselves if the are going to drink alcohol or smoke but we do offer nutritional garbage at schools that heavily promotes obesity. We set this kids up for failure at very young age. At my childrens middle school they can buy pop, cheese fries (!!!!! disguisting in my mind!!!), candy, cookies, The food that is sergved is pizza, corn dogs, nachos....I ma not sure how these kids are going to function optimal at school given the stuff that is made vailable to them. Not to speak of the kids that deal with adhd or add.

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I will call bullshit on this one.

>(McDonald's says '100% Real Beef'... they can get away with it because the company that supplies their beef is NAMED '100% Real', it has nothing to do with the content of the patty.)

McDonalds did and does buy from a number of beef suppliers and they have dealt very severely with a supplier that once added
1 % breadcrumbs to the beef. Please show any evidence that what McDonalds hamburgers are not made from 100% pure meat from the bovine species (100% beef)

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I'm not convinced that they're using 100% Real Beef in their burgers (and I've done marketing/design work for McDonald's in a previous career). NOW, they *might* be truly using 100% beef 'parts' - if 'beef' is defined as bovine sourced material - which in and of itself means non-meat parts are rendered into the burger mix. But I wouldn't put it past them to have done some extending early on. I'm certainly not going to trust information off of their own website or from their own marketing teams... lol (Also, keep in mind that it may be one way inside the US, but different elsewhere. The Internet and this site are global, and this thread isn't just for Americans.)

What does it matter anyway, when the beef comes from feedlots shovelling GMO corn and soy into the cattle? What does it matter when GMO soy oil is put into the patties to 'hold it together/keep it's shape'? What does it matter when the buns have a ton of sugar in them, on top of GMO wheat and soy? How about the sugar filled *probably* GMO tomatoes used in their catsup/ketchup?

Arguing over the accuracy of the '100% Real Beef' claim (when the persistent rumours have to start from somewhere), misses the point - that fast food isn't just 'junk food' that people can afford to eat once in a while... it is actually quite dangerous to eat. McDonald's gets picked on a lot because they're the defacto 'face' of fast food, but the other chains are often much worse.

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The outcome of this case will affect the entirety of humanity forever. In all honesty, it is quite possible that there has never been a more important lawsuit. Already, Monsanto has managed to make heirloom, non-GMO canola seed extinct (meaning the only canola seed left is their patented variety). If they are allowed to continue, they'll happily destroy ALL heirloom seeds that they have competing, patentable seed for.

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