Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

Anyone know about this? I've read about it and understand the concept, and a Google Alert came thru today with a similar concept from IGF Technology in Washington who is hoping to start clinical trials soon. Just curious if anyone has pursued the IPT (insulin/low dose chemo) route?


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Hymmm, nope, never heard of it Cat. But on the outset, It would make me very very cautious.

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My husband has read a lot about it and they use it at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. It doesn't work as well if you have had previous chemos so you pretty much need to start out using it. They use lower dosages of the chemo drugs but along with insulin.

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Thanks, balihigh. Looking at everything, and Ben is Stage IV. I'm sure the Oncologist won't appreciate it, but I'm going to ask him anyways. Ben hasn't had any kind of treatment yet, and I read the following recently:


....there is nothing to stop any doctor from treating his cancer patients with the IPT protocol right now. It calls for exactly the same government-approved chemotherapy drugs, only in doses about 10 percent of normal. And it uses a commonly available hormone, insulin, as a biological response modifier. I am convinced that the only reason more doctors aren't using it now is that they don't know about it yet.

SGA MD has suggested that, in cases of cancer types that have a history of success with IPT, physicians should consider an IPT "safe-trial" period of about a month. IPT would be tried first. If rapid progress is observed, IPT would continue. If IPT is not working, the patient could then go on to a program of today's standard treatments."


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