HIV+ and bladder cancer

Anyone HIV+ and diagnosed with bladder cancer? I found a study on line. It seems bladder cancer can occur as a result of being HIV+ for many years. I have been HIV+ for 25 years, now diagnosed with bc. Anyone else know anything about this? It seems I am a rarity. Any info would be helpful. I am working on diet. Doctors told me I can't have Bcg treatment because I already have a compromised immune system. They have told me I have to have bladder taken out even though I have less than stage one cancer. My t cell count is 1000 and viral load -50. Not ready to have radical C. Your comments most welcome!!!!

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Are you being treated by an HIV dr? I feel you need a uro that understands hiv. Always get another Dr to take a look at your situations. I don't think you are the first and have met many hiv people with cancer in support groups. Keep calling hiv places and there are enough around the country to help you.
best to you

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Agee, you should get another decision, but... bladder cancer can spead rapidly. And it will be life long, with everyone, it is a life long disease. I can understand why they would recommend removal of the bladder,as the medication they use to treat it BCG... can make you very sick. You are in a difficult position. Having the bladder removed would get rid of bladder cancer... and hopefully end it for you. Don't know where you live, but might be worth a trip to MD Anderson in Texas. They are the number one bladder cancer treatment hopsital in the US. I am sure they have dealt with your issues.
No easy answers... but please get another opinion.
best wishes,
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