Getting belly Fat?

I don't post often but read the post often and know that this is not that important to complain about as I read the other posts

Its been two years the 14th of Sept since I had a RC with a neo bladder had lots of complications at first, but I really can't complain as I am doing well with the neo at this point , However I seem to be accumulating lots of belly fat...And wondering am I just not exercising enough? eat to much ? or is this very common with this type surgery ? Thanks in advance to any comments you may have...

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You will never lose weight until you learn about GMO foods. Once you do, you can make more educated choices. I started a thread here for that purpose, but I'm typing on my phone right now, so I don't have the direct link. You should be able to search it here.

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Just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your input.... I had lost so much weight after my RC and feeling so sick, So I guess I will live with my belly fat and be glad to be cancer free Thanks again......

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I know what your saying. I went up 2 dress sizes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, one pant size..........

I lost 25 lbs after R/C. I have gained it all back plus 10 lbs.
But, I also quit smoking. Plus being cut open from belly button,
to weiner, doesn't help with abs of steel either. Plus being 50 plus years
old doesn't help. Too many negative, plus's going on!!!
I GOT A MUFFIN TOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do walk a minimum of three miles, and a max of six miles a day.
I would think that has to help keep me at the weight I am at.

But, I am alive, cancer free, smoke free, and happy. Happy = lbs.

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Excellent advice, Anna!


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My belly is still pretty flat (except for the huge scar).

I don't belive that the surgery itself would cause someone to accumulate more belly fat however we all store fat different (I store mine unfortunately all around my hips).

I believe that most women whom goes through RC also have hysterectomies so it might be that the hormonal issues cause post menopausal women get a bit slower metabolism.

Unfortunately doing tons of sit ups doesn't help much when it comes to burning belly fat as one can't spot burn fat. You might get stronger abdominals which is important but the overlying fat might not go away. The abdominals are fairly small, thin muscles and don't burn lots of fat. The leg muscles on the other hand are large (especially the gluts) so working out the legs will help burn fat overall. A strong muscle burns more fat when doing normal daily life activities.

I feel that many women in particularly post menopausal women could benefit tremendously from doing some weight training three times a week. It helps burn fat and it also strengthens the bones as many women also have issues with osteoporosis.

Last don't exercise to look good exercise to feel good! It takes 21 times to create a habit so the first 21 times focus on mostly showing up.


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Noticed it a bit and not sure if age or the neo - but decided that running and biking will take care of it. It also just takes longer to get back to good health than we think. I think it's like everything else, it just takes time and effort. Actually, it's just numbers -
1 lb of body fat is roughly 3500 calories so doing the math if you lower your intake and increase calorie burn (exercise) then it slowly happens and you will lose fat and put on muscles. Also, when we have an RC it is a major surgery and we lose weight but we lose muscle first and then we put back on fat. That's just the way this ancient old cave man body we have still works.

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I just barely gained some of the precious weight I love from the RC surgery, thank goodness. But I'm still skinny. The only place I seem to have any flabbiness is my belly around the incision. not really fat, but it isn't flat anymore. And when my Indiana Pouch is full, it does poke out... I don't have much to hide that. I haven't tried sit ups or anything yet, but I am swimming 4 times a week, so it doesn't seem like it could be a spare tire. I'll be seeing my dr. tomorrow and will ask!

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Are you all sure it is belly fat and not lymphoedema?? We have had a lot of lymph nodes removed which will accumulate/pool fluids. I will get this from time to time depending on what I am doing/taking to trigger it; I am sure this can be different for everyone. Mine is easier to determine since my lower abs are tight, but when fluids pool it is squishy like a half-filled water balloon.

Just a thought,

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I had the same thing, a little "Beer Belly" that wasn't there before my RC and neobladder construction, even though I am 10 lbs lighter now. The surgery was half robotic (RC & Prostatectomy), and half open (Neo construction). My surgeon, the head of Urology at Mayo Clinic Phoenix discounted my complaints by telling me that "there may be some herniation, but we're not going to do anything about it yet" at my 3 month and 6 month checkups. It has gotten somewhat better with an on again, off again 2-3 mile per day walking regimen, but it is still there. I'm due back for my first "Annual" checkup in August, and will bring it up again.

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I think with me it is more a build up of scar tissue than fat. I had three 7 inch incisions in the same spot. One each in'03, '08 and '09. Should have put in a zipper the 1st time. Looks like I have a double butt,one front and one back. I also have no feeling anywhere around the incision.

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Are you getting routine CT scans just to make sure they are not ascites? Or it could be the dreaded menopausal tummy fat that suddenly decides to appear? I'm pretty thin 5'8" and 123 lbs but any weight goes straight to my tummy...if only i could shift it around to my butt!! I'm not sure about the guys but i did read an article recently that said men actually go through a menopause also. Interesting name for it huh MEN O Pause??

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I have the same problem. My scar is at least 5 inches long and went right through the abdominal muscles in that area. To be fair, I was never skinny, but it seems now that I get very little response from exercises to tighten the lower abdominals. A small price to pay to be cancer free, I suppose!

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P1345 ~

This is indeed a good question.
I have one . . .
Was it the first cut ?

I ask that because I too have it.
Too much of it to be precise.
I no some is from lack of exercise,
eating habits and a hernia under
my stoma.
I am a bag lady, wonder the stats
on Bag vs. Neo vs. Indiana.

I my case, I have been cut
in the same line, up/down 4 times.
Appendix, Hysto, Kidney and Bladder.
That is why I ask . . .
In case more than one cut might have
something to do with it.

Each time they cut I believe the ability for
me to hold my stomach in lessens.
There is also scar tissue build up.

A question that I will present to my doc.
I will eagerly be watching here for
other answers.

Thanks, B J

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I will be very intested in what posts you get on this topic. I am over 2 years since my neo and I to have belly fat. I just lost 15 pounds and still have the belly fat. I know I don't move around as much as before all this. After surgery I looked like I was expecting, I am male. I changed my food intake and cut out fat and tried gluten free and still have belly fat. I always had a little but after this surgery it got big like a beer drinker and I don't drink beer.

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Hello, I'm glad you're progressing with your Neo! I'm an average guy, 55, and got a tummy too. I'm going through Chemo/radiation as a prevent to save my bladder. I do know that we all have a particular body "type" and that we need to eat foods according to that type. Carbs seem to be my undoing, but it's different for everyone. I don't think the neo is the cause, or know what your diet consists of but what has helped me a lot is knowledge, information and research on what foods are good (especially the ones to help keep any remaining cancer cells at bay) and what foods to avoid.
Check out a site run by a well known Doctor who wants to help everyone in this process. He is a leader in alternative health and has a lot of very useful information.
The site is
I found it by accident one day while searching for answers right after my Dr. told me I had to have my Bladder removed. I knew there were other alternatives and so began my search.

I hope you find the site useful,
(sorry about it sounding like a commercial!!)

Rick R.

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